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There Should Be Hope!


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ok so im 21 years old, and a virgin (sucks ass but not too bad) I have made out with girls before and stuff but i cant seem to get a girlfriend. Its Frustrating too because i talk to many diff girls we hang out but it doesnt seem like i can get them to relationship stage. Im Not a bad looking guy, id say ( im hot) but you know lol. I kind of have alot going for me, School, Career, playing hockey and riding motocross. But at the same time, Its like why am i single, How come i dont have somebody on my side that actually wants too be with me. Its kind of depressing because i have one friend who actually had the stars align and a girl basically just fell into his arms. my other buddy is a man and practically rubs it in my face, (ed note: his text messages from girls are insane they practically are sexting him and getting off on his name) Multiple women at that 2. I do know that i do not want to be a pimp or anything like that, i just want 1 girl you know.


Sometimes i feel like time is running out to lose my v-card, but yet thats not even my main reason for wanting a relationship. i honestly just want to feel that other happiness that i have never felt before and it just feels hopeless.


That last girl that i liked alot.. some of my so called close friends, so my heart is a little bit colder in the trust area but i guess that would be normal..


All in all is there hope at 21?


(ed note: Grammer no pun intended)

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Dude, you're only 21. I've found that when I press to make things happen, it never does. When I back off and stop worrying about getting a girl, that's when they come.


It'll happen eventually. Just go out and socialize, and chat with girls, be nice, don't be an ass. That may get you one-time ass, but if you want a real relationship, you need to find girls who share similar interests as you.


Finding a girl interested in hockey may be hard in socal. You may be better off coming up here to Canada lol.

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your not seriously doing enough effort to get a girl. If you really want a future with a girl (not just sex), then keep going for gold. Choose the right one for you , don't go with a girl with the expectation that everything will work out, reality is that a girl can pack her bags and leave anyday. Always have a life of your own to fall back onto if things don't work out.

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Xylitol, What do you mean? i take girls out hang out with them and have a good time but im confused on what you mean not doing enough.. One Problem i do know is that i hold my feelings close to me and that i usually don't tell a girl i like them because. i do not know if they care or if they feel the same lol...and i have alot of things goin on in my life postively so the fall back thing is covered lol

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