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if he gave you his number, are you likely to text or call?


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Ok, so I've noticed something. Some guys have given me their number and mentioned I could text them sometime. And another guy has given me their number but might have expected a text instead of me calling and now I probably scared him away. Is texting part of the gradual pattern before meeting up? for example:


1) online messages

2) number

3) texting

4) calling

5) meet

If you are a girl and a guy gives you their number, are you more likely to send a text or call him?


Or is it that when the guy sends texts they are less interested in a serious relationship? I don't like texts..but seems like everyone is texting.

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In all honesty I think its best to call when you get a number...Just did it today actually!! Set up a date for sunday!!!


It shows confidence when you call, textings just an easy way to get around any sort of uncomfortable silence and such...I like to hear the girls voice, I can tell so much better if there into me or not when I call compared to texting....

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I prefer to text, at first. I hate talking on the phone in general and I also find calling a bit too invasive when I barely know someone. I prefer to text a little first, but try to plan an actual date within a week or two of getting that number, otherwise I find I lose interest (and I assume some guys might too.) In fact, it sounds a bit weird when I see it in writing, but I've actually met guys only having texted and IMed them, and then began talking on the phone AFTER we met and decided we get along.

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These days its really hard to tell. Social skills are horrible these days with so much reliance on things like texting and email. I prefer the old school way, actually picking up the phone. You can determine someone's sincerity by their voice. Text is so informal and, well, it leads to confusion like this. Also, if a guy says to text instead of call him it could likely because they are spending their time with someone else and its more discreet to sneak and text than to speak on the phone. Some men try to be so sneaky.

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I think if a guy gives you his number, he's probably not THAT into you, OR he is really shy. He's trying to get you to do his work for him. If he's REALLY interested, he should have asked you for your number. It's his job to call and setup the first date, not yours (that is, unless you approached him).


Either way, if you're interested, call him. Texting is no way to set up a first date.

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