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Guys... Are these true...?


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I've read a lot about body language and deciphering a man's interest in women... Of course, this is done online when I'm bored as work and there's that whole don't believe everything you read online thing, so I wanted to ask the guys here on ENA... Just how precise are these findings...? Do you guys really do this? Most of this is done subconsciously... so think... really think back to a time you were interested in a woman... did you do these things?


Facing her direction - OK, apparently a man will face the most important thing to him in the room. Therefore if you're conversing and he's facing you directly, it means he's listening intently and focused on you. Does this mean if he's NOT interested, he won't be facing you? Guys... do you only face (full body) women you're interested in, or do you do this with anyone since it's good manners to begin with...? I kind of think this one's iffy since I don't find myself only doing this with people I like... I think I do this out of sheer courtesy...


Raising their eyebrows quickly at first sight - At the first sight, supposedly a man's eyebrows will raise quickly... I guess it's some sort of good surprise reaction. I've never really tried looking for this, so not sure about this one...


Trying to get close to you/Invading personal space - I do this... I usually find ways to get close to someone I like, but then when I'm actually close, then I get nervous lol... Do most men do this too?


Always trying to touch you - OK, not pervertedly or anything... But I'm a girl and I do this a lot... Are most men bold enough to do this...?


Keeping eye contact - This is kind of one of the obvious ones but I also know some people DON'T keep eye contact because they are either shy or don't want you to know they like you because they fear rejection... Thoughts on this one?


Preening - Just as a girl's obsessed with her hair and looks, so can a guy. Do you find yourself fixing your hair, tie, shirt... etc....?


Drawing attention to... (subconsciously) - Apparently a man will subconsciously draw attention to his manhood by putting his thumbs in his pocket or belt loop... Anyone notice themselves doing this?


Alpha stance/attitude - Men usually (whether conscious or subconscious) stand up taller, puff out their chest, speak tougher, etc... around a woman they admire. Any truth to this? Don't a lot of guys just do this anyway?


Anyway, these are all I could think of for now... I'll add more if I think of any more... So ya, guys... any truth to any of this...?

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I don't change my behavior at all around girls I like except I try to make strong eye contact with them to try to gauge their initial attraction to me. And sometimes I'll give them a hard time about something to see how they react and the kind of person they are.


So your behavior doesn't change at all? Are you sure? I read that there's a lot of body language that's done subconsciously... Things like facing her direction more than you would anyone else... Eye dilation... Fidgeting...


As for giving them a hard time... Do you have an example? I had a thread going the other day about a guy I'm into and he's ALWAYS giving me a hard time and teasing me... I don't see him doing it much with other people. He's a very funny and easy going guy so I can see him being this way to other people, but with me, it's just very over the top... He's constantly teasing... every other conversation we have, he'll throw in a joke. We're always laughing together... but I can also read that as him being a friendly person as well... What kind of reaction would let you know what you want to know about her?

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I see some truth to this. But, for humans, in general. It's with guys and girls. A person can't say they act differently when they're attracted to someone. It's human nature to put your best foot forward with a potential mate. If all of these are true..the dude I'm into(And subsequently unsure if he likes me) likes me back.


I feel like when a guy makes his way accross a room to talk to me, he's into me. That seems like he's putting forth effort to talk to me. That speaks to interest, but that's just me.

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Touching definitely, I'm usually the first to break the touch barrier. Thats definitely not a subconcious thing...


It's hard recognizing your own subconcious actions, I have to really focus on stopping myself from smiling or going wide eyed when I'm attracted to someone. I think I can agree with most of those behaviours, though I don't think I've ever preened (EVER! ha).

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Out of all of those I guess I don't stand straight towards them and I don't really do the body touching thing.


Ya, I really don't see much truth to the touching thing. I mean it makes sense, but it's also something that I think requires a lot of confidence. What I read specifically about this is how they'll find reasons to touch you... like putting their hand on your back as they pass, finding ways to hand you things so they can touch you, etc... I really don't see this as most people in general I believe aren't this bold. I personally am this bold... I'm a very flirty woman and I do a lot of hinting (I guess you could say) by using touch. I stand very close to my crush a lot but haven't deliberately touched him at all... (Not saying I haven't tried... lol)

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I think I can agree with most of those behaviours, though I don't think I've ever preened (EVER! ha).


Really? Wow, I totally preen lol. And it's totally subconscious at the moment, but I do know I do it... I constantly fix my hair haha. I don't do it on purpose... habit I guess!

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I feel like when a guy makes his way accross a room to talk to me, he's into me. That seems like he's putting forth effort to talk to me. That speaks to interest, but that's just me.


Ya, I'd like to think like this, but with society these days and women being more straightforward and confident, I'm afraid that some guys may think that we women are also bold enough to approach them... For instance, if you don't approach him, he might be thinking the same thing as you... (Does she like me? Why won't she approach me?) Also there are a lot of shy men out there, and just like women, they fear rejection. Therefore you have two shy people who like each other and won't do anything about it... lol. Don't we all wish dating would be easier than this... lol.

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Facing her direction - I guess? I haven't heard of this before so I haven't caught myself doing it if I have done it.


Raising their eyebrows quickly at first sight - I think I do this, I am not sure though


Trying to get close to you/Invading personal space - I am more shy so I don't do this.


Always trying to touch you - I don't really do this, but I would imagine other guys do this


Keeping eye contact - I will unless I am nervous or something.


Preening - I do this, but its just because I like to look nice.


Drawing attention to... (subconsciously) - Yeah I do find myself putting my thumbs in my pockets and stuff.


Alpha stance/attitude - Do this all the time lol

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All of those things happened to me just yesterday. the same guy i kept bumping into on my way home on the bus....


Maybe he's attracted to o me?

I mean god he was standing in front of me with like his junk right in my face LOL.

I tried really hard not to blush. He "accidently" brushed his arm against my hair... "accidently" bumped his foot onto my foot. Constantly looking at me and my direction and smiling..



Yes i noticed the drawing attention part. He did that too. BAAHA. So i could do nothing but stare at his..well you know? it was right in my face!

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LOL ohhh COG you playa...lol great forum...

Facing her direction...I think goes along with "puffing out the chest" or preening some feathers...ya we do it!!

Raising their eyebrows quickly at first sight...most certainly i am guilty...usually thinking "damn what wouldnt I like to do to that ...or with her..

Trying to get close to you/Invading personal space...depends...some girls hate that ..but sometimes its just way to hard not to want to get to that ..."damn" get my drift?

Always trying to touch you and Keeping eye contact...not really...kinda creepy for a dude to be all touchy feely..too soon..Once or twice tops..


Preening...like I said..yep

Drawing attention to... (subconsciously)..lol we are just "adjusting" or plain old scratchin...sorry

Alpha stance/attitude already addressed ...


Hope this helps...MUAH

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