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Talking Now But... I Need Some Serious Help

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My ex has made it his mission to get me to break NC this week and finally I gave in and spoke with him. Been about six weeks now since we've broken up. It was a mostly pleasant conversation. We kept it low key but I'm having some issues.


There's a suggestive photo tagged of him and the rebound he left me for, just once, in her album. She posted/tagged it one day before he started to contact me.


As we've spoken he suggest that they are just friends and that photo was taken in silly jest - to me it looks very provocative - and it's true that since we're no longer a couple, I don't have any say in the matter but... it does make me wonder if he's trying to continue to have his cake and eat it too in a way. I can't cage just yet if he's trying to friendzone me. Been talking a awful lot about the good times we've had and how much he misses me and mistakes that were made in our relationship but hasn't said those magic words - I want to try it again.


So... I don't really know how to "play" this. And I use the term play pretty lightly.


What I really want to know is should I ask him flat out if he is still seeing this woman? I am curious and if they are I'd rather not be around.


Should I continue to tread lightly with him continue to talk but not making myself too available?


Should I tell him that Im looking to be in a relationship not gain a friendship?


What I think that happened is the grass wasn't greener. But where do I go from here is what Im trying to figure out.


Any suggestions?


Male opinions would be defn appreciated! But all welcomed.

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Btw, I'm a male here. I've tried for many girls who ignored me. It's like kryptonite. I think you're right, and he thinks making you jealous is gonna help him - he's the one playing games. Don't play games. If he's doing anything of the sort, just ignore. That's not a game, it's just a way to teach people that their antics aren't going to work. It's maturity. If he's not ready to be mature and do it right, he's not ready to have a mature relationship and if you get him back it'll end in heartbreak city again.

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