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my brain is turning to mush, need help.

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not kidding. i've been working 14 hours a day for crisis issues for the past week or so. and i don't feel that tired, but today was the worst of it. i've been timid, i can't remember the day, i cant' remember simple things, i keep putting my foot in my mouth, and doing stupid things.


i'm supposed to be leading this new team that just got in yesterday, and i know that they don't have any faith in me. they people there before me just left without giving me much guidance. my manager looks at me like i'm the dumbest person in the world. my confidence is shot. and i'm not sure what to do.


it's ridiculous b/c i'm generally pretty smart and work well with others. it's just the past couple of days


i love working crises, but this feels like a disaster. i need something to give me my confidence back.

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As the brain is technically already mush, things would be bad if it went solid.


Go to your boss and talk to him. get over the fact you consider he thinks you are a block head and work with him to get things the way they should be.

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you're bombarded with negative issues everyday. you need a break.


My thoughts too.

What do you do to take care of yourself and counterbalance the negativity you work with everyday? Taking care of yourself is essential in a field like yours.

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