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Finding balance between myself and the family

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So I recently started my new job in the city, which requires 2 hrs of roundtrip commune every day. I have considered moving out for several reasons: I’m in my early 20s, financially independent, needing my own personal space, I don’t get along with my dad, and for the most part I’m tired of the commune.


But the thing is my parents are very dependent and traditional immigrants. They expect me to live with them until I get married or even after I get married. I don’t want them to think that moving out means abandonment. Because I will be there when they need me, and I don’t want to be a selfish person. The other thing is the rent, it will probably costs ¼ of my paycheck.


So what should I do? How should I tell them if I decide to move out? Any suggestions would help. Thank you all!

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I would say just talk to them about it. Tell them your plan and that you will pay visit to them every once in awhile.


I had a similar situation last month, but I talked to my mom about my goals and plans for my future. She was very scare because she felt that I'm too naive and childish to be out there by myself even though I'm already 21. I ensured her that I will be just fine, and that I am already a grown up and capable of taking care of myself.


I am staying with her for two months, taking care of myself and showing her how much I had grew over the past year. I'm not a childish kid anymore, I'm a young lady.

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