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Advice for those in the early stage of a relationship?


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I've been dating a guy for about 2 months now and I've noticed that I'm becoming more and more nervous about every little thing that happens between us. For ex, I called him and left him a message on his cell this morning, but the fact that he didn't call me back today is leaving me with questions like 'did I do something wrong?' 'did I leave one too many messages?' 'is he ignoring me?!" in my head.


For the record I have never been in a relationship prior to this so this is all new territory for me. But since you all here seem much more experienced than I am I would like to ask if there is any way to stop the second-guessing and constant nervousness that goes on in a girl's mind in the beginning of a relationship?? Any tips on how to stay cool in the early stages?

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This might be more difficult in practice than it sounds, but try not to worry about every little thing because it can end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you called a friend, coworker, or family member & they didn't call you back within x number of hours, would you be questioning the friendship or wondering if they are disowning you? Of course not. It takes a while to learn what is normal & what is not in a relationship. Anything you have a question over if you should be concerned or not, just ask here.


I notice that most things are a culmination of several things. Usually the one thing you worry about by itself doesn't indicate much, but that one thing plus 5 other bad signs might indicate something. Start worrying if you haven't heard from him by sunday.

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Thanks for your comments guys. He called me back last night. Said he's been busy with work but he still wants to make time to see me. I was questioning myself too much again I guess!


I wonder, do guys think like this in the first few dates with a girl too?

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Any tips on how to stay cool in the early stages?


Stay as busy as you can with other interests, hobbies, friends, whatever, so that you can focus on something besides "him calling." Don't feel bad, I've been there too and I still have to work on it sometimes!


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