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Team Building Ideas

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On a whim, we decided to cancel regular scheduled classes for tomorrow, and instead have some Team Building activities.


We already have some ideas, I just want to get a good collection of ideas and activities instead some of them go short.


Any ideas. We have 4.5 hours to cover. Any ideas would be a good help.

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What thoughts are rolling through your head right now? Just wondering about where to start with the suggestions...


Depending on the size of the group you might want to split them up into smaller groups and then they can choose their own team name. That in itself is a nice activity / ice breaker. Then have them in various competitions - like a good ol fashioned scavenger hunt around the office (or maybe in the area where you're working if its a fun part of town)

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Well right now we have 3 activities. One where someone is blindfolded and they have to yell the instructions to their partner to get through an optical course.


The other is a pattern game, where they have to find a pattern in a series of numbers.


I also have a bunch of pictionary ideas they can use.

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coming up with team building activities requires a need assessment of your team. what is lacking? communication? team work? self-expression? after identifying key areas for improvement, from there you start coming up with creative ideas.


you can also have a small group discussion about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (by Covey). This never fails. If you can come up with a sequence of activties referring to each habit, then it would be great!

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