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Getting Frustrated


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I dunno, this girl is definitely not behaving like someone who is interested. We went on one date last week then we had made plans to go out on Friday and to see Cirque Du Soleil next week, but her text message responses have been seriously slow.


I wrote all about this in another thread.


So I decided to lay back for a few days and wait to write a text to her to either A) let her text me first or B) to not come accross too strong. So this afternoon I text messaged her and as of yet have not heard back from her, it's been like 5-6 hours. I guess that all I can do at this point is hang back and wait to see if she gets back to me, maybe give it one more shot this evening or tomorrow? But really? This doesn't seem normal.

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I think the shame of technology these days is that we literally keep track of exact hours and minutes when we don't hear from someone. Don't torture yourself. 5-6 hours with no text? What does that mean, really?

And you've been on one date so far?


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I know how annoying that can be, especially if she's been this way for a few days. Maybe she has a very busy lifestyle - demanding job, home life issues or something. If this is not the case, and she doesn't show much interest in the next week, i'd move on. It should be a 2-way street

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