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Pill making period late? Or something else?


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Hi all, I'm not new here, I initially used enotalone to get over a really hard breakup and broken engagement almost 3 years ago. Thank you to everyone who made that possible!! Now I'm in a new relationship, actually, we're getting married this October! Been together almost 2 years now, have our own place yadda yadda.


My question though, I've been on the pill since I was 18 (I'll be 24 in a few months) mostly for endometriosis. Recently though I was getting a period every other week! And with my condition, that's not a great thing, so my fiance and I decided maybe my body needed a reset button and I stopped taking my pill last month. Worked great actually, got a period right away (4/27-5/5) and haven't had one since. Acne cleared up, moods evened out, things were great. Now I don't know if it was because we live together now, because we're very close to getting married, because he has an older child from a prev rel or what, but we weren't exactly careful. (Before you chew me out, we had talked about the consequences of not using condoms and with my graduating in 6 weeks and him having a stable job we decided if it happened, we would be more then ok with it, even if technicially we should probably wait for a few months) And besides, with my history of genetic problems and infertility, I can't get pregnant, right? (sarcasm!) Well guess what, I should have gotten my period yesterday...I had a few light light cramps right after I exercised, but that's it. How early should I expect to take a test? I took one yesterday when I period didn't show, but it was negative. Should I accept this as my answer and celebrate? Or wait for a greater surprise? Does the pill stall your period once you're off?



No bashing please, We're stable and ready, and with me wanting to go to nursing school next year, this is an ideal time even if the wedding IS still 4 months off. LIke I said, we're not trying and we'll probably be more careful from now on, but I think we're both secretly and quietly really really excited.

Thank you in advance!

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Yes the pill can make your period early or late. If you were supposed to start yesterday and took a test and the test was negative,then I doubt you are preggers.


I'd give your period another week to show up. And if not then take another test. I have a feeling though that you will see Aunt Flo soon.

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Yes, it does take a bit for your cycle to get back to normal after going off the pill. All the hormones take a while to clear out and get back on a regular, "uncontroled" schedule. I recently went off the pill as well and had about 2 to 3 months of odd periods before I got back on a regular schedule.


On the pregnancy situation, I agree with cat, give it another week and if still no Aunt Flo then test again. I doubt if you are pregnant, but considering I got preggo 14 days after going off the pill when I had my daughter, anything is possible!

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Thank you all, I appreciate your answers. I didn't really think so either, but it's weird, I've never actually been "late". Just found out that I have re growth of precancerous cells on my cervix, (after having surgery to remove them a few months ago) so I think future hubby and I should sit down and have a long talk. It's devastating to think I may not be able to have kids at all, let alone have them when I want. My gma had to have a full hysterectomy by age 55 for cancer and it scares me. Maybe we should stop "not not trying" and actually start 'trying'. I don't know, I'm sorry, this is really stunning me. I've always wanted to be a mom.

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Don't freak out too much over the precancerous cells yet Sly. I had the same exact thing when I was in my 20's. Had a colposcopy, had 3 LEEP proceedures and two years of intensive testing afterwards to make sure it was all gone. I did beat the cancer, but the LEEP proceedures had burned so much of my cervix that they told me that even though I could conceive, I would probably not carry to term due to the damage done and the scar tissue. Well, after coming to terms with possibly never having a child myself (some thing I dreamed of my while life), in my 30's the doc told me that the scar tissue had pretty much cleared itself up and I would have much higher chances of carrying to term. Here I am now with a almost 20 month old, beautiful daughter that I love more than life itself. Just to give you peace of mind to not give up hope, the body is an amazing thing! Stay strong and keep your chin up!

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