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Need a Girls Perspective


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Well I knew this girl for a long time, we've hung out a bunch of times and I know she was interested in me before because she asked me out once but I was already dating someone at the time. We lost contact for quite a while probably 2 years because I was in a serious relationship. After I broke up with my ex I decided I would try and make contact with her. I sent her a request on FB and literally minutes later she accepted it and started sending me messages. We exchanged numbers and now we are texting each other constantly.


Now to the thing that I need A girls perspective on.


We have literally talked about everything from past relationships and all the hurt times to random things like what were eating at the time. She even remembered what she called me 3 years ago (she calls me Special K, because my name starts with a K lol). She just calls me random things like awesome and just texts me saying random things. She told me that when I move in to my new place she wants to be my roommate and just random things like that.


When we were just randomly talking she told me that she was scared to get into another relationship because she is scared to get hurt, I told her that I am the same way because every relationship I've been in always ended up in heartache on my part. We pretty much told each other everything about ourselves.


I don't know if she is still interested in me or just wants to be friends. That's what I really need some advice in. Is she giving me hints that she is interested and that I should try and go for it or should I just hold out for a while longer?

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