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are we on a break or broken up?

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I dont know if my boyfriend and I are broken up. (This is a boyfriend Ive been with for 11 months and havent written about him on here) We had a fight, but He made it seem like we're taking a break because when I asked him to call me in a week or so he said "we'll see" He also hasnt changed his Facebook relationship status.


I have made mistakes but Ive learned Its been a week and I have emailed him 2 separate occasions (first time sending him pics of us he asked for a million times and the second pouring my heart out to him saying I miss him) and he responded negatively the first time saying stop sending me pics and ignored me the second time which was last night.


He also hasnt changed his Facebook relationship status. However, hes not an avid Facebook user. However its been a week. I dont know what to think?


I know youll say contact him and ask, but hes really rash when hes mad and he prob is still mad so asking such a question now would be bad

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No. Don't contact him. Don't do anything. Wait for him to contact you.


It's really difficult to do this, but if you suddenly go quiet, it'll make him start wondering and he'll probably get in touch. He might not, but that's the risk you have to take.


By continually contacting him, you'll push him further away.

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Ok so some background:


Me and him graduated from the same college 1 week ago. We went back to our hometowns so he is 3 hrs away from me now...but I will be 40 mins from him in the fall when I start graduate school. The day we graduated he said he missed me in a text after he got home, but we got into a fight the next day and then I drove 3 hrs to see him. Maybe that wasnt smart but communicating with him long distance is too hard and I thought itd be romantic. He threw a temper tantrum when I got there and his father yelled at him to stop and then he was like "great now ill get in trouble with my family" But he calmed down after an hour and everything seemed fine. I wasn't planning on spending the night but he asked me to. I left the next morning early since I had orientation at graduate school (so less driving for me from his house) When I left that morning he seemed perfectly fine and agreed to call me soon and def in a good tone- Im sensitive to that stuff so if he had said it in a bad way I would have noticed. He called me babe and was all over me hugging me in bed right before I left.


So you can imagine how surprised I was when I got home from orientation later that day and he Imed me on AIM and right away started laying it out and said "each time we fight I get more detached" "I want you to know im seriously considering ending this bc I dont know how much longer I can take this you stress me out so much" "dont get why u want to be with me i am a bad boyfriend with a temper reoccurring" I called him 2 days after this and he did pick up and talk to me for 10 mins but sounded annoyed/mad and said "I dont know about this relationship" When I asked him if he'd call he said "we'll see" So this was the whole "I dont know if we're on a break or broken up"



So since my last post...


I didnt take your advice and last night bugged him by sending him a few emails, but they were nothing but nice... just saying I missed him and wanted to work things out. (I guess it was a mistake but I believe everything happens for a reason and now Im happy we're broken up) He got pissed off. He replied this morning saying "I had nightmares of you last night because you were spamming me...you dont know the severity of the situation I dont ever want to see you again" and just deleted his facebook account after I responded to it saying "Oh ok sorry" He also said "wake up-I already started seeing other people"


Now, he has no friends in his hometown where he is. I am sure of this, his mother told me and he has told me that several times how he doesnt keep in touch with anyone from highschool. In fact, when we were together he always said "Im so looking forward to spending weekends with you at ur grad school since Ill have nothing to do really" His ex girlfriend from highschool is the only one he kept in touch with at all after he graduated. They dated briefly again 2 1/2 years ago. But they stopped talking after that. He is in the process of looking for a job and is stressed about it too. But, the only person it could be is his ex to this "im seeing other people" comment...because I know he would never do online dating.


Well, I am glad I did this, but he gave me the password to his email once and I went in. This is the first time Ive ever done this and I didnt look around much- just looked at his contacts and saw he added her and also saw an email saying she was following him on Twitter that was from 2 days ago, so my suspicions were right. However, she is the kind of girl who runs to him whenever she gets dumped and she always needs a boyfriend. She constantly would text him and stuff when she was single and ignore him when she had a boyfriend. My (now x) boyfriend talked * * * * about her the entire time we dated. She contacted him several times towards the end of our relationship and he never responded to her at all. I know for a fact they had nothing going on during our relationship.


Me and him always resolved things quickly in person. I guess this would have happened eventually because it was inevitable we'd have a long distance fight. But I get the feeling he only really liked me when I was convenient or maybe it hasn't sunk in. I dont know. I just really hope he doesnt come back, do you think he will? Because Im finally realizing how immature he is and though Im still attached- hes not right for me and I want to find someone better. I dont want mind games.

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