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does he or doesnt he?


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So my ex and I broke up about 2 years ago, it was difficult at first, but we managed to maintain a pretty close friendship... But now things are a little different.


The last few months, we have been hanging out alone a couple times a month, and talking for sometimes 40 minutes at a time on the phone... Both of those things are not out of the ordinary, but one night when we went out he ended up staying the night at my house, and he slept in my bed (an all too familiar place) ... nothing happened, no sex, no kisses, no cuddling... but it felt really good to me.


About a month or so later, we went out yet again, and he stayed over, this time we cuddled a little bit and I fell asleep on his chest. It was wonderful.


All along this time, he has said some things relating to him being jealous when he hears about me dating, or sees me with another guy... And also has made reference to some of our more "intimate" moments... For example, last night we went out, and we drove by a beach where we once snuck away from at a party to go hook up he brought it up jokingly saying "remember that time??" and did the ole elbow jab... kind of strange thing for an ex to say to a "friend" ?


So later that night we went back to his apartment, neither of us were drunk or anything, and he invited me to stay over... which he has never done before. He actually ended up getting sick (not quite sure what i should make of THAT! ) So I didnt end up staying.


Needless to say, Im a little confused. I dont know what this guy is thinking or what I should do, if anything... My gut is telling me that there is still some residual feelings there on both ends, but I think both of us are scared to really act upon them.


Ive never gotten over him, and Im pretty sure he knows that... but does he still have feelings for me?

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It seems like he still does because if he is getting jealous over guys you date, you guys are sleeping on the same bed, and he is making jokes from when you guys were dating and such....those right there are huge signs. If anything you can always take this test, which I recently took and it gives you in depth explanations as to what all the signs mean...link removed

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Thanks for taking the time to respond guys, I really appreciate it...


Its just tough because some people say "maybe hes just getting bored, or maybe he just wants to get in your pants" but thats just not him. I mean, since we've split, I had one brief serious'ish relationship, but he hasnt even so much as dated any other girl, and Im sure he's had women take interest, hes very attractive and intellgent, and personable... but needless to say, also very picky, and nothing he does is by accident, so this only adds to my confusion, because hes not like "most" guys...


Maybe Im romanticizing this a little too much, but in a way, I almost feel as if the fact that we simply slept next to each other, and there was no sex involved, is almost more intimate to me... He didnt make a move, its like, we just wanted to be next to each other...


I dont know if I should say anything to him though... Im so scared that he doesnt feel the same way about me and that Ill be humiliated and crushed Im scared Ill get hurt again.

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