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Things are looking up

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So I had the first of two job interviews this week. It went really well and the guy interviewing me said that if he cant offer me the fulltime job (which I am in no way qualified for) he may be able to offer me a parttime night job. The night job would work well with the job I already have during the day. Tomorrow I have another interview and I am going in to my current job to work out a pay deal because they want me to do something better than originally offered and I may get more money. One day in and this is already a good week.


Im still sad that my relationship couldnt work out. But I am doing things instead of being sad and laying around the house. I resolved a few days ago that I will not push myself into dating just because I am lonely. I can wait until my feelings for the ex have faded out a little. For now I am thinking about me, for the first time in forever, and its finally starting to feel kind of ok. Like maybe things wont be so sad eventually.


So for those of you who are in despair, it will start to feel better. Not all at once, or even completely, but one day you realize that you did things and didnt spend all day thinking about the ex. Maybe tomorrow I will be back to a mess and crying over her, but for right now this minute I feel ok. I, and everyone else, need to keep doing things for me. I need to be a little selfish, as weird as that is.


Keep your head up everyone!

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