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Giving online guys a chance

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Gotcha. To be honest, I've done something similar in the past. In the end I still deleted my profiles and have never looked back. I've found that forums prove to be far better online meetups than dating sites seem to ever offer, even if I never really meet the people I'm chatting with. Conversation, not matchmaking, is the Internet's forte...at least for now.


I'll probably end up deleting these free accounts because I don't want guys to think I really am interested. I've been one of those who never had much luck online, but I have more luck on my own (most of my exes I met through people or jobs).

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i'm on 2 dating websites. link removed and link removed. i dont like link removed its not laid out well and not easy to search and its the same people on the front pages. also if you wink or add someone to your favourites then it doesnt have a small icon on their profile, so hrd to tellif you have already done it. mysinglefriend does. better quality of people on mysinglefriend and easier to search through profiles and the website has better qulity photos.


funny how things work. i mailed 2 women beginning of the week and hadnt had a reply until tonight. i'd lost hope i would get a reply and moving on (they had already replied to other emails). went out with someone on tuesday and got on really well, i text her wednesday just saying i had a great time but no reply yet. so best thing is just go with the flow and not hassle people and let them contact you if they want to.someone who hassles on line will be very off putting

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