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Well, I seem to have a very huge problem with not being able to deal with my emotions. I am very much so a cutter, but it seems when I am in public places and I cant do it. I started to shake, its almost like I have withdraws from it. My heart begans to pound into my ears, my stomach gets tied into knots and I cant sit still. I break out into a cold sweat. I also have a habit of picking at my skin, especially on my face. I do it without even realizing I'm doing it. I guess I just need some help on what to do when I have cutting withdraws. They bother me and I need to do something when I get them, I seem to have the very bad habit of starting to attempt to scratch at my arm, hit myself or of course pick at my face. Sometimes Its just that I feel too much, or nothing at all. My emotions are very unbalanced. Any advice?

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Its usually under stress. but picking at my face just comes random alot, I think that I pick at my face when I'm deep in thought about things that usually lead to stress.


Now, I'm no therapist. So, keep in mind that there is probably better advice from professionals who specialize in cutting.


But, I think you have a hard time managing and handling stress. Everyone has little habits that are relievers or decompressors. I, myself, am a list maker. When I'm stressed, I make a 'To-Do List'. When I feel overwhelmed by long term things, I make a 'Goals list'.


I make them for when I need to do things within the hour or for the day, week, or year.


I think you should try and exchange your cutting habit for a less damaging stress reliever.

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