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Why say he'll call then doesn't?


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Pretty much every woman I've stopped seeing after a few dates has done this exact same thing (breaking communication). I really don't understand the need of a break up call if you were only dating. Seems like you're just being confrontational and creating drama for no reason at all.


Was there a promise, either verbal or else with actions, to keep seeing each other? If there was, then the disappearing is rude. If not, i think it is ok then.


The thing is: Gals do create a drama if there is a firm promise that he is indeed serious. Guys likes to enjoy the fun of the chase and don't think twice about this but gals do. Some gals do think that if a guy is chasing her hard, it means that he is indeed interested in her. Gals invest more emotions into a relationship & therefore will make a drama if she is being misled.

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To be honest, I wouldnt waste time thinking about him. I honestly believe the old saying about if a guy wants to call, he will and nothing will stop him.


I think this guy likes you but his actions are telling you exactly how he feels - a bit of fun, but it doesnt sound like he's thinking about you that much.


I would really try to move on as I think you are more interested in him than he is of you, and you're just going to end up unhappy unless you want the same thing - a bit of a laugh and a flirt every now and then.



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