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Trying to make me jealous?


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I dont know how to link my story on here, but basically he is fooling around with internet girls and when found out i ended it.




I am still friends with him on facebook and he keeps adding new girls that he has obviously met on the net, he very rarely went on their before and seems to have a quired about 20 new friends in the last week since we split, mostly girls, (who look like me incidentally!)


Is he doing this to make me jealous, he doesnt have many friends so maybe proving a point to me... any advice or similar experiences to settle my mind, i know i am silly for looking but i love the guy... x

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You did the right thing by ending it. Doesn't matter if he is playing games or not, the point is he is still doing it, I'd delete him as a friend on Facebook and let him get on with it, he's clearly not worthy of having you in his life

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