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Has anyone had any success with doing "Slumber Parties" like sexual toy selling?

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My friend invited me one once and I thought it was a cute idea (and it was like a Pampered Chef party, like you said)....I think it would be a novelty for a group of girls or guys to go to one of those but agree it might be hard in the long run to keep people coming back...as opposed to makeup or kitchen goods. Just my 2 cents.

Are you considering other options (like Mary Kay and the like)?

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One company is PureRomance and it isn't as hard as you may think. The actual toys sell at the parties but you keep a catalog and women will call and buy the other stuff like lotion and body wash all the time. The perfume type stuff are actually the bigger sellers. If you keep inventory of at least 50 dollars a month you remain a consultant. Its actually a great way to earn a little extra cash and you would be surprise at who all actually would go to the parties.

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There's a Pure Romance group that comes to our school. They host a lot of "Romance Parties" on campus and have even been invited by the Human Sexuality professor and a few other professors in the psychology department to come to class and give presentations (in our Human Sexuality class they gave away free stuff!). So if you lived near a college campus that may be a unique option for new clientele.


But I think it would be hard to keep clients coming back, and I think it would be awkward for some of your friends to buy sexual things from you, and people you barely know may feel awkward about this as well.


But if the start up costs are minimal...why not give it a try?

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