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I've been broken up with my girlfriend for about 4 weeks now. I saw her the other night, because she wanted to see me. We talked for like 3 hours, and we connected again. She said it was "amazing to see how we connect again"


Well, that been said, I was teasing, valuing myself, cocky and funny to her.


I saw her comfortableness with me, touching hair, blinking eyes, blushing.


I have definitely attracted her again, but the thing is that, ever since I defriended her on the facebook, my friends defriended her as well. She is worried that my friends will see her differently.


She was keep pointing this out, and I just had to comfort her.


Anyways, I manage to make a dinner date on Monday, and she said she sees me changed. (I told her about my future goals)


Honestly, I would get back with her to start off again, but I am not sure if she feels the same way. She was keep asking me if I am talking to anyone or met someone. When I said 'jokely' I met someone who is like Jessica Alba, she punched me on my arms. I think she feels jealous that I could go out and find one.


I was the dumper, I begged, I tried to get back with her, but she said she needed space and time.


Also, she asked me if I can be her friend, but I said no. I think she knows that I can't just be her friend, yet she arrange to meet me on monday.


I have hope, but i don't think I can wait any longer to drag this out. Because I found a new place to stay, new job, and a new car. And if she doesn't wanna be in my life to experience the joy, excitement, and surprises. I would rather find someone who will.


Oh man, this is tough, but I am going to give her to sweet sentiments to let her know.


One problem tho, she goes out to church now, and there are many guys, (more than girls) who goes to that church. And I feel uncomfortable her talking to different guys, although she is saying that they are just bothers in god. I heard a rumor that she has interest in some guy, and this makes me more uncomfortable. This makes me NOT trust her 100% anymore... maybe I am just weird, but I can't seem to believe her words...


Should I find a different girl who is more willing and not waste my time?

or should I really go for it, and try to make things work again?


I feel that I have moved on about 80%. I think less about her, yet I still have some feelings for her.


What's your two cents on this?

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