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Gender roles and expectations


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In one day I ended up seeing on TV: show segment about a gender confused chook (trying to nurse eggs even though it's the females role), He's Just Not That Into You, and part of Hitched - so even though I found a lot of it funny there are the expected trailing thoughts.


Most of I've seen gender roles mentioned here is in asking someone out as guy's job. But going past that, in a dating/relationship phase, what would you say are the roles you would prefer people to play. Not here to debate 1900s vs. the present or gender equality laws, so now here's the twist: if the other person actively chooses not to do something, do you think it's right to not have responsibility for it?


My posts usually don't make sense so I'll throw in a few examples LOL:

- it's pretty common for guys to be much more visual, so if a girl chooses to not dress up and look pretty for their partner then complains he loses interest, I would find it hard to sympathise with her if she didn't acknowledge/expect any risks with it.

- Or from the movie hehe, Janine realises that she had a sexless marriage. I don't condone cheating or anything like that (or that women are commanded to have sex), but similarly I would think they were blatantly ignorant if they didn't acknowledge something was wrong.

- or something that happens here; men who are dateless but make no effort to talk, look presentable, or even at least smile. Doing them doesn't guarantee anything either, but there are some who acknowledge them not doing it is a problem, and then those who don't and wonder why.

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