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He stood me up by accident..am I right to get pissed off?


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So BF left his phone charger at my house and ran out of battery. So on chat we agreed to meet at 9.15 so I could give it to him, and go to a concert from there. I went to the meeting point, arrived at 9.10, then waited for an hour before calling some other people at the concert and finding out he was there (had just arrived he said) and talking to him briefly on a friend's phone. I was obviously pissed off and I told him such, he stood me up!


So I went to the concert gave him the charger and went off on him . He told me he had misread the mail and was sure I said 7.15 (maybe he thought I wrote 19.15?) and had been going around for over an hour looking for me. He couldn't call from a payphone as he didn't have my number (as it was in the uncharged phone) even though i sent it to him just in case during our chat earlier that day.


I told him I was pissed, that he waited three hours and could have found a way to contact me or have remembered to carry my number, He told me to check my email to make sure I had not put 7.15. I did and I put 9.15 like four times. So I was angry, I went off on him, and now he's being all moody. I think I have a right to be upset, I waited out alone until quite late at night eventhough I knwo it was an honest mistake and he wouldn't stand me up on purpose.


Still I was upset and now he is moping around because I was harsh with him (I was, which is wrong, but I was really upset to be waiting alone late at night while he was out at the concert). But now he is all mopey, and I am somehow the bad guy for being a about it even though he was in the wrong...I had written the correct time four times in our chat!!


Am I a to be upset about this? I feel like everything always gets turned back on me!

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I too would have been upset, but you've communicated that to him and now it's time to bury the hatchet. Given that you yourself feel certain that it was an honest mistake, and that he never would have stood you up otherwise, time to let go I think. I don't know what exactly you mean by "went off on him", but I think yelling and berating are (almost always) inappropriate no matter what the circumstances.


Depending on how you actually behaved towards him, I would either apologize for yelling at him and let it go, or let it go, but I would also say that I was upset and although it was an honest mistake you felt hurt that he did not make more of an effort to be in touch, and that if that ever happens again you hope he'll try to find you.

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I would be upset as well, but there's only so much that you can do about it now.


Just let him know that while you knew that it was by accident, you would appreciate it if it didn't happen again. I know sometimes things happen, but if he's truly sorry about it then I would let it go.

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your friends never said that he asked or was worried about you or anything because you didn't show up @ 715? i find that part odd. but it could be a simple mistake. he apologized right? let it go. if stuff like this continues, get rid of him. sounds like supposedly he was waiting on you for a while too and maybe figured you'd be there at the show. he didn't sound like he was too upset with you.

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