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Having a hard time getting rid of stuff from my former life

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It's been 7 months since the break up. I gave my ex back all of his things about 3 weeks after, but my room is filled with boxes and piles of my stuff that reminds me of our former life together. Some of the stuff I'm sure I'll want to keep like books and stuff. I have to admit that I dont even really know whats in a lot of these boxes... theyve just been sitting in my room for the past 7 months.


My parents having been yelling me about them since I moved in, but I havn't been able to go through them. After 7 months, their patience is wearing thin and they yell at me all the time for it. I still can't bring myself to go through them.


I know this sounds totally pathetic. Almost everyday I tell myself that I'm finally gonna go through everything, but I don't. I tell myself that I will do it in a couple hours, but then its too late in the day so I promise to do it tomorrow.. and the cycle continues.


My parents have told me that they would help me, but I dont want their help. I dont want my friends help either. I want to do it alone, but I feel like I can't.


I know that most people will probably tell me to suck it up and just go through the damn stuff. That seems to be the most logical thing to do... but I have literally been trying for 7 months. I feel really pathetic posting about this, but I dont know what else to do or how to tackle it. If I could have just gone through them by now, I would have...


The thing is, there really isn't all that much stuff. 2 large boxes and a few smaller ones. and a few small piles of random things It would definitely take me less than 4 hours to go through. I think I probably want to throw out most of the things. I think that might be why im having such a hard time. Most of the stuff is just sentimental, stuff i dont need anyway. I feel like im throwing away my old life when i throw away those things. I guess im not ready to throw out that life.

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I am in a similar situation and I have just thrown the boxes away! Sod it..I'll buy whatever it is I need and lets be honest, if you havent been in those boxes for 7 months there can't be anything THAT important.


A lot of my stuff is in storage and I am dreading the day I collect it...There is a picture in one of my bedside tables of me and the ex that sat by our bed for over two years...Im dreading seeing it.

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I feel like im throwing away my old life when i throw away those things. I guess im not ready to throw out that life.


I think you just answered your own question there sweetheart; don't feel bad about it. We all get there in our own time and one day you will just wake up and think "Right; let's get this job done" Be nice to yourself in the meantime.

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reading this makes me sad. For a while I had problems with deleting the email's my ex had sent me, pictures and other sentimental things.


You need to think of it this way. Is your ex hoarding all these "memories"? Is he keeping boxes of things from your past? Most likely he is not, so you should do the same and throw these things away or better yet donate them.


I wear my ex's uni sweater (which is men's size and huge on me) to work LOL it's the in worst condition ever.

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I guess the issue is that I dont want to throw the stuff away. I know I should because obviously none of it is that important, but I dont want to. First i have to go through my former life. And second, i have to trash it. I guess I'm just afraid to let go of my old life because I still miss it so much and want it back and hate the life I have now.

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Not looking though the boxes won't change anything. If you can't look though it take the boxes to a charity shop and leave them there. It's not easy, but it will get easier. Either you need to make yourself go though it and throw it out or just get rid of the boxes with out going though them.

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Hey Honey*


If it helps....just know that you probably wont feel any worse than you do now after you do this....


Maybe for a little while but this too shall pass*


I got rid of everything....Now, these damn memories...If only I could throw them out....lol



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Yeah I kinda know what you're going through....instead all of my stuff is out of boxes and just...kinda staring me in the face! I just realized it today I guess I hadn't really noticed before. Stuff like entertainment center, a bed, couch, paintings, lamps, chairs, table, GOSH pretty much everything I have was ours...I want to eventually trade it all out but it's going to cost a lot of money =( definitely want to get a new bed, though.

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