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Confused... Help?


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So there's a girl Emily that I used to really like. However, I kind of gave up on her when she started talking about her guy problems because I thought she only thought of me as a friend.

Recently, there's another person that I really like, Natalie, but she's kind of dating someone. He doesn't seem to like her very much but she really likes him. I've been waiting for them to break up and then I would ask her out. I know its a horrible thing to want someone to break up but that's the truth.

Well, the other day Emily kind of forced me to say what was bothering me (the situation mentioned above). She gave me advice and that was that. I kind of started to like her again and I asked her to prom. I'm kind of torn because I am going to prom with her (she probably thinks its nothing serious because of my situation, but I really do like her), and I do want to date her. However, I don't know if I could stay with her if Natalie became available.... That is, if Emily even says yes to us dating (I think I'm kind of stuck in the friend zone).


This is really complicated and stupid but if anyone would care to decipher my situation and help me, that would be great.



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My God. You couldn't pay me to be a teenager again.


Friend zone? Perhaps. But, women do give advice to guys about other girls, even when they like them. I really can't tell you what she's thinking. I'd say..ask her. Be like.."What's up? Where's your head?"


As far as the other girl..don't wait for her to break up with someone else. That's cold. Also, not all girls are ready to jump into another dating scene after breaking up with someone. Focus on one chick at a time.

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I would definitely not wait for Natalie to break up with her boyfriend. It may be a very long time until that happens, and as IGlareOften stated...a lot of girls will not want to be in a relationship right after one has ended (unless they are on the rebound and that is never a good situation.) I would take Emily to prom and see how it goes from there.


Although often I find when I have a hard time deciding between two people, it means I don't like either one enough to commit to a real relationship. You shouldn't have to pick and choose between them...you should just know whom you want to be with, otherwise the feelings are not as great as they should be and the relationship can end fast.

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