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What does this mean?


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Hi everyone!


I have another girl who likes me and was wondering what these signs mean.



1.After a night out with friends, me and her were walking together ahead of the group and she was still alittle tipsy and she said to me "you know, your a nice, funny, genuine guy, who is one of my people...i have told you things that i have never told anyone else".


2.Whenever her and i talk, we end up talking for anywhere between 1 to 4 hours, about anything and eveything and she looks me in the eye alot and she smiles and laughs when i playfully annoy her. If i tell a story, she laughs and smiles and then tells me a story. She also tells me personal things about herself and whats going on with her.


3.The other day, she started a wooden spoon fight against me and after we were done, she said that her hand was red and i said "let me have a look" and i held her hand and she never pulled away. Other times, she has challenged me to a thumb war and compared hand sizes.


4.When i half jokingly said to her that i would like to meet her family and friends she said enthusiastically "you should!" and then she showed me pictures of them.


5. She told me that she didn't like rude jokes, she i told her one to playfully annoy her and she laughed alot at it and said "you can't tell me these jokes".


6. The other night she asked me to pick her up from her ballet lesson and when she saw me walking towards her, she ran up to me and she was very talkative and smiling alot.



So, what does all this mean? Is she interested?

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I'm a woman and I would say yes, she is interested in you.


There's this perception out there that once a woman confides in you and tells you personal things that you're in the friend zone, which always annoys me, because in my case thats never what its about. I like to open up and let the person I am interested in know little bits of information about me, to show there's trust and a little intimacy there.


Her telling you she tells you things she doesn't tell anyone else, shows that she's making you 'special' and its probably (I know it would be with me) what she thinks of a little hint you you or cue to say something back.


Next time you see her just ask her if she wants to go out sometime, tell her you enjoy being with her and let her know you think of her differently to the group of friends you hang out with too.


Good Luck and let us know what happens!!!!

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Hello everyone!


Thankyou so much for your answers!


The other night i spoke to her for about 4 hours and she told me about her dreams and aspirations and even told me personal things about herself like her religious and political beliefs.


After we were done talking we went outside to check something and then when we went back inside, we spoke for a few more minutes and then before we went to bed, we stared at each other for about a minute without saying anything. what does this mean?

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