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Girls, do you find "big" mascular men who work out in the gym sexy?


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I'm a guy, but over the course of a year I will put on and off around 40 pounds or so. I'm an all natural weight lifter so I'm fairly muscular, but I'm not extremely so.


I get more attention from the ladies when I'm in top shape versus when I'm at my largest, of that I am certain. You also don't HAVE to be ridiculously muscular to go the gym. A lot of people just like keeping in shape.

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I really think that appearance has a lot to do with someone, but is only the initial step. Their attitude carries them quite a way. I have lots of examples of friends who have perfect 10 girlfriends, but they themselves are maybe average.


I've wanted to know the answer to this question as well, as I go to the gym a lot, but I'm not a massive, big, bodybuilder or anything. I've got a fluffy belly (and for some odd reason, a lot of my women friends say its cute), and I usually focus on benching or other arm exercises. My build makes me look buff, when I'm really not.

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I don't really like anything too muscular, whether that be average or buff or whatever. Just think of all the hours he must waste in the gym and how crazy his diet must be to maintain that body...in a fantasy world, where men can be muscular without sacrificing time or energy, though, my "ideal" body type is the lean, cut look. Think Brad Pitt in "Fight Club." The really big buff look doesn't appeal to me at all, it just isn't aesthetically pleasing, too much muscle.


For "real" men, I prefer skinny guys. Something about the idea of a guy who's scrawny and looks feeble, yet is still stronger than me and would be willing to protect me is really hot, as far as I'm concerned.

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Buff guys with huge muscles aren't a turn on for me, but they're not a turn off either. I guess I feel kind of neutral about them. There seems to be a bit of a stigma against bodybuilders. But maybe I'm just like this because my dad and brother work out. My dad's getting his six-pack back from doing Insanity after weeks of being sick made him gain weight. And my brother is taking protein shakes to bulk up and doing P90-X, and even entered a bodybuilding contest in high school.

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Indeed! although the male and female brain are very very different I hear...... If only I could get inside the female brain for a day to understand...


Just be aware, when you do get that phenomenal chance, that female brains are full of surprises and mysteries. For instance, they're all different! One could almost believe that female brains are more similar to normal human brains than each other! It's so incredibly confusing

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In terms of look I like either the nerdy skinny/tall build, average broader shoulder type guy or the natural gym-buff (not steroids vein popping laden one) tall guy. The only look I dislike is when the man carries more weight than he should for a healthy BMI. I'm very very picky about my fat, but not so much the body frame.


Several of my friends would rather take a broader shoulder guy with belly fat than a skinny guy, so it all comes down to personal preferences.

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I don't like super muscular men, they look like action figures to me and I know it's stereotyping but I get this image that they are very invested in their appearance.


I like a guy who is normal sized, I am not put off if a guy is a little more to one side of the scale (slightly skinny or slightly heavy). I can't go out with a guy who is as skinny as a toothpick nor a fat guy though simply because I don't find that attractive.

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One of my exs worked out all the time, he had abs, and very big (musceled arms) he was attractive but sometimes his arms bothered me (the way they looked I guess) I also felt out of place around him because I was out of shape and he was very in shape and fit...


Myself I like average guys, a bit of weight is nice too. So I am ok with overweight/heavy fellas. My boyfriend and me are both overweight, I guess its a comfort thing...

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