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Girls, do you find "big" mascular men who work out in the gym sexy?


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I like a man to be fit (that does not mean bulging all over with muscles).

I don't think, however, that guys into body-building are necessarily vain. Some may be. Funny thing though, when I see those muscly guys I get an orge to touch the muscles (dunno why) kind of like I would touch a statue. Oh dear, this is getting complicated LOL.



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Is it true that skinny guys are just assumed to be better boyfriends or something, and more fit guys are looked at as some kind of players?


I wouldn't say that, Skinny guys can be players and buff guys can be super nice boyfriends. I can see what you're saying though.


When I see a buff guy I think 'wow he spends a lot of time at the gym.' And I know some guys that spend every second at the gym that they have free. So it seems a little self absorbed, they are always working on their bodies. Maybe they're insecure about another part of themselves and have to perfect what people see. I'm not sure.

Physically though Muscular guys do nothing for me and I think their mighty reign over women's sexual desire might be coming to an end.



I have nothing to really say about skinny guys, if you're too skinny I want to shove donuts down your throat.

Fat guys aren't my thing either...


I have very specific tastes with my gentlemen muahaha...anyway that's all I have to say on this matter.

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i think it's pretty rich to see people inferring things about a man's character based upon the fact that he's muscular/jacked.


i think there'd be plenty of protests if i said that overweight women were lazy slobs, or some generalization based on their reluctance to take care of themselves.

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Body-builder type guys...I generally don't find them attractive. Ideally I'd like guys with soccer player bodies. Not too built, but fit and healthy. Though I'm fine with a wide range of bodies.


Edit: I just thought of why i don't usually like guys who work out a lot to get big msucles...and it's cause they usually shave or wax their body hair a lot. I find that gross on guys. Some amount of muscle and definition is fine of course, but I don't like guys who look like they have muscles on top of their muscles. I like some softness to their muscle (arms...mmm) if that makes any sense. A 6 pack really means nothing to me.


I find this picture of Vin Diesel attractive: link removed


But none of these models (speedo warning): link removed

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i think it's pretty rich to see people inferring things about a man's character based upon the fact that he's muscular/jacked.


i think there'd be plenty of protests if i said that overweight women were lazy slobs, or some generalization based on their reluctance to take care of themselves.


I agree. Shouldn't make assumptions. Nothing wrong with going to the gym. I dont know much about bodybuilding but I almost view it as a hobby or a passion, just something people really enjoy doing.


Anyway, though my personal preference isn't really buff (I like leaner guys) I can definitely understand the appeal. Plus I have friends who really dig the super muscular look.

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I go to the gym every day now. It is my escape from a really tough part of my life, without it I wouldn't have anything.


I definitely think everyone should go to a gym, or at least take regular exercise, if for no other reason than their health. And, as you probably know, it is a great stress-buster.




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Everyone has their personal preference...but I do wonder...of all the woman that say they are turned off or prefer men with some "flab" or "skinny" how many of these woman are actually in shape themselves?? Perhaps its a case of not wanting to be with a guy that gets more attention than you. Just a thought.

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Just offering a different perspective here - I am a female body builder and I can assure you that it has NOTHING to do with vanity. It's a sport, a hobby and a way of life. Some people play volleyball or golf and others choose physique competitions.


I have plenty of time to date, to see family, to work, etc. and I am definitely not always looking in the mirror. My male friends who do this seriously are THE nicest guys you will ever meet.


In fact, the ones with the attitude in the gym are the guys that weigh 130lbs soaking wet - not the big guys.


There are a lot of generalizations and stereotypes about heavily muscled people in general (don't even get me started on the ones concerning women, lol).


I understand you like what you like, but lets not assume a certain type of personality positively correlates with a certain body type. It's as ignorant as saying all fat people are lazy and only eat all day. For some reason THAT is considered socially unacceptable to assume, yet there are a ton of assumptions about fit people that slide by without question.



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I'm not attracted to the very muscular body type.


If anyone is familiar with 'otter mode'...that's my type. However, most people who are that type do in fact work out quite often.


I think it's strange to assume that only the extremely large men work out. Body type depends on what kind of exercises you do and the methods you use.

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No, I'm not usually attracted to them because I can't relate, I don't go to the gym. I had 5 relationships and only my recent ex was "fit". I wouldn't dismiss them though if they had a nice personality and were attracted to me. Something though about too much exercising would not blend with me well, I might assume they are very healthy overall and I like a guy that will eat cakes, drink beers and just chill.

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No I don't, but I also don't want to date a guy with flabby moobs and a beer belly with a pouch of fat over his junk.


Oooooh, thank you for that picture!


This thread confirms what I've always noticed. Average, thin, normal, athletic or even slightly heavy, is all good. It depends on the woman. But guys with huge, body-builder muscles are usually only impressing other guys.

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Noo. I'm always afraid the veins on those big muscular guys would just burst if you touched them. It kind of grosses me out.


Being a little toned or having a fair amount of bicep is sexy. Average is good. I've found myself attracted to more husky fellows occasionally, but that had more to do with their personality and charm than with their body being the attractive factor.

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I don't like muscular guys. The whole muscle/macho thing turns me off totally. I think big muscles are kind of gross and I don't like how they feel or the veins in them. Yuck!

It works well though because while I go to a gym to keep in shape, I don't like sports.


I am with a guy who hates sports and it shows! He's a little chunky but I love it.

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I refuse to believe that most women on here, if faced with a choice between two guys with IDENTICAL personalities and faces in every way, but one has a lean, muscular body (not a bodybuilder, just has definition) and the other is either rail skinny or obese, WOULDN'T choose the more muscular guy.


That being said, I think a lot more should go into choosing a partner than just that they fit some preconcieved body "type".

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That is interesting. I also prefer "baby faces" to masculine faces. I don't think it has anything to do with where I live, though. I think I am just weird. lol I'm 25 and I look like I'm 16 because I have a baby face, and I like men who look like me. In other words, I'm in love with myself. lol


See...told you I was just weird.


I like a manly looking guys. I do not like baby faces, for me, that's a turn off. I actually like guys that show their age, I like laugh lines and crows feet.

I do not like "buff" guys, a little definition could be ok, but not at all necessary.

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