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What's it with the people in your life who you think are your friends.... but they only tend to call when they "need" something from you (e.g. money, services, etc).


I have a few friends that I'll text and ask every so often how everything is, they wont respond. But, then if they have left something over my house - they know how to use text messaging, etc.


Are people (in general) just so self-centered or?

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I have some friends like that. We grew apart over time. We're still friends but our lives went different directions and we don't stay in active contact.


I will still give them rides to the airport or a place to stay though. I do not feel that they are using me at all.


Are these friends appreciative? Do they pay you back? Are they healthy relationships all around.

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I don't have any friends who would ask me for money. Raise your bar.


I agree with the previous posters. I have friends that I have known for literally decades, and if they asked me for money, I would give it freely, because if they asked me for money, I know it is a life and death situation, and someone I know and care about will die if I don't give it. They wouldn't even have to explain themselves.


I have people that I work with that are great friends, and then a few that are selfish people. I have family that are so selfish, I have not spoken with them in over 5 years, so why would I have anything to do with someone that is selfish and not related to me.

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