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How to get over everyday stress and depression?


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How does one get over everyday stress? For me it seems paralyzing. Whenever I make a mistake or disappoint someone I feel overcome with sadness and despair. For example I made a mistake a work today which may have cost my employer 2k I know there is a 90% possibility he will fix everything and it will be fine but I can hardly breathe. He didn’t yell, he just said this was a big up. Someone pulled out of our contract and I had forgotten to make them sign a form saying if they pull out of the contract they lose their deposit. Now we have to give them their deposit back and we lose the 2k. I feel like someone died and I am so afraid he is going to fire me, this among other feelings that are totally unreasonable. The only thing I want to do is go in bed and sleep, but I have been sleeping this whole week. I have hardly been at work at all.


Furthermore I am annoyed because I finally had the courage to call a psychiatrist this morning for help and no one has called me back. I get the feeling they won’t either so I don’t know whom else I can talk with to find a solution to this depression.

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I'm sorry to hear that you're stressed out. I wouldn't beat up yourself too hard for making a mistake. After all, the employer may have lost $2K but could have lost more.


Do you do other things outside of work to try to unwind yourself?

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OK - mistakes happen... period... yes this is a big one. Not knowing the nature of the business $2000 could be a huge deal.


Firstly note - that your boss didn't yell at you... so many people out there would have. So he can keep his cool and he may be able to rectify the situation. The question to ask is what can you do right now to help the situation? Are you doing it?


Any normal person would feel exactly the same way right now if they had created the same mistake... yes this was your responsibility... I know I'd be overwhelmed at the moment too if I were in your shoes.


However, if this is happening alot and with everyday stuff... you need to ask is this the job that is best for you? If its happening with your personal life as well it may be time to see the help of a professional who can help you understand and work through these feelings.


If someone didn't call you back... call someone else. Many counselors and therapists have options for emergencies. You may not need to see a psychiatrist. A licensed counselor may be sufficient.


If you feel so stressed that you can't function perhaps call your local hospital and ask for information on stress treatment centers. There are ones that operate both on in patient and out patient basis.


Take care of yourself!

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Rules to engaging stress:


#1 don't give a crap. it's not your life at stake.

#2 sleep on normal hours, get 8+ hours on a nice and comfortable mattress.

#3 improve your diet, stay away from coffee and other stimulants

#4 get a decent workout -- get as many endorphins as you can fill in.

#5 escape to the park at lunch break. for a moment, stop living in your head and start living in the present.

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You need to find a way to relax so you can focus on your work. Also understand that mistakes happen. Its not a life-death situation. He caught it, may speak badly about you as an employee, but you apologize, learn from this and find a way to deal with the annoyance, or stress in your head. If you are constantly anxious, you are bound to make more mistakes.

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I'm in real estate. And yes I hate this job but I love it because it is so flexible. I keep saying I'm going to stay here because it gives met the time to explore other options and figure out what I really love. The thing is, I don't love anything. I feel blah. I could die and I don't think I would care. I don't know what makes me happy because I am not happy. The only thing I know for sure is that I can't work for other people I need to find a job where I can work alone. I feel as if I can't take the stress of my life being under someones control.

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Sometimes I seek out friends to vent to. Or I distract myself with a DVD or TV (sometimes you do just need to zone out!).


There are times, too, when a person just needs to do nothing. If all the stress is accumulating, maybe you could take a day off and clear your schedule. I'm doing that today!

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