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Whoa! More FB/Blog Weirdness from Gigs Ex


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Um, I guess I am putting this in "Getting Back Together" because I thought that is what I wanted. Now just curious about your thoughts of what's going on here.


Here's the sequence of events. Sorry in advance for the excessive detail, it's just very weird:


1. After very serious 1.5+ year relationship,sudden breakup. In retrospect I was kind of messed up, lost in the RL, definitely controlling, insecure.

2. Light to medium contact for 5 months, intially NIC, longest time NC about 8 days. I don't hear of other girls yet

4. In this time, Ex invites me to BBQs, I go to a couple of them

5. Last week, we transfer my blog to my own server, we fight, but make up. I say let's have coffee when you're back from NY, he says sounds good. Email a little back and forth.

6. Last weekend, Ex dates 3 different girls in three different days (call the first girl#1)

7. I find out a friend died. Pretty upsetting. I text my Ex about it, we text chat a little. I plan a BBQ and FB invite a bunch of people including my Ex. (we have over 60 mutual FB friends)

8. Monday I feel like company, text a few people including my ex, for dinner or a drink. My ex says busy tonight, maybe tomorrow (Tues). I say yes that would be nice. I find out Girl#1 went to his house that night.

9. Tuesday the Ex texts he's feeling sick, don't know if he can get together. I make other plans. Ex later texts he's feeling better, do I want to eat. He writes a very long heartfelt comment on my latest blog post (which was a tribute to my late friend) and tweets it. I text I'm about to play tennis.

10. Wednesday I text how about tonight? He's busy for the rest of the week. I text, ok after NY. He texts Sure! He's back Thurs. I say great.

11. Today, he goes out with Girl #1 again. He FB invites over 100 people to a bbq he's planning in July, including most of our mutual 69 friends and my best friend. He doesn't invite me.


Sorry again for the obsessive detail but the back-and-forth seems a little extreme, perhaps?


It is ok if he is getting into a new RL, but to comment at length on my blog, tell me Sure! we'll get together next Thursday, and then the next day invite literally over 100 ppl to a bbq --including my best friend -- and not me seems a little harsh? Is it pretty obvious he decided he is jumping into something with Girl #1 and doesn't want to mess things up? He never responded to my invite, either.


So I guess I don't get an invite and all my other friends do -- including my best friend, who he isn't even that close to -- because he has a new girl? Am I just being a sore loser or is he being a tad jerky?

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I hate to say it because I want my ex back, too. But 8 days isn't time - you guys really need to go your separate ways. I know a death is a big deal, but it's no excuse to drag up the past, especially so early.


Definitely get out of facebook/blog zone. They are the devil! You have some textbook push-pull, wishy washy nonsense going on with him right now. He's not ready, he never was ready and any thought you had that he was wishful thinking on your part. That's tough, trust me half the people on this forum are doing it, alot of us with a long-term relationship GIGS we thought was the love of our life. For now, be good to yourself.

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Thanks Hockeyboy and footof god.


I agree it is textbook. If he does contact after NY i think I'll tell him I don't think it's the right thing to do. Pretty childish. He invited all my professional collaborators also and not me.

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