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In love? A quick vent.


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So I've and moaned about this guy for several months, because lets face it, he's paying the price for my ex's, subconsciously. Cheesy Coldplay songs are playing in my mind right now. (Give me a moment)


Yeah, he has anger issues at times, he could use some dental work, I'm seriously realizing these are workable issues, and also not as bad as I blew them up to be.


We had sex last night and I felt like I could be in love. I like that he is shy, and not a pervert like me. He doesn't man groom like others, and I oddly am super turned on by it. The way he smells is intoxicating. I want to do his laundry and give him a back massages when he gets home, and I am NOT... NOT... NOT... sooooooo Not that type of girl.


He's super innocent and open to life. I'm used to business minded mommas boys that have trust funds, and seen it all by a young age.


Ultimately refreshing, because of him I feel drugged right now. Very into the man I'm with.

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The whole sweat thing is really just a subconscious natural human response that's been confirmed by numerous scientific studies.


Basically, when he sweats, it sends out signals that show he's ready for sex, which invariably turn you on to some degree. So yeah, don't be alarmed by it, it's natural.

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