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Positive Affirmations: We all need it

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Lets face it. 99.9% of us are here in this 'healing after divorce or break up' thread because be broke up. Most of us are actually DUMPEE and few of us are DUMPER. Who cares what we are. Most of us are soft towards the DUMPEE. But we all know that DUMPERS also suffer. Believe me, they do. We all are suffering and we came to this forum to find some answers that we didn't get, find some peace of mind, find some advice on what should be the next step, find an outlet for the emotional storm that is going on in our heart and mind, or just to give some advice to people because you are already feeling better and has moved on. This is too much about past. We are dwelling too much on the hurt.


I say, rather than keep talking about the past and all the negatives life has brought us, why not make our present better. And how do we do it? We say a positive affirmation to ourselves everyday. a) Find one positive thing in yourself and write about it. Example: I am a very loyal, honest and caring person or I am very happy go lucky b) And if it hard to find a positive thing about yourself, find a negative thing in yourself and see how you can make it positive. But write the negative in 'PAST TENSE' Example: I was a person who took life too seriously, but being serious in life made me achieve my dream career. c) If you do not want to write about your positive or give a positive outlook to your negative, write something positive change that you want to see in yourself. Example: Now that I have achieved my dream career, I will try to relax and take it easy. Or I am so friendly and lovable.


And believe in what your write. Atleast try to believe in what you write. If you are not able to believe in it, pretend that you believe in it. If you pretend for long time, I am positive, you will believe in it. It may be hard initially to find something positive in yourself. Don't try to be modest here. Be boastful about yourself but believe in it truly.


So if you run out of your positive affirmations over a time, repeat the older ones. Or you can keep saying the same positive affirmations everyday till you actually feel confident or healed.


Todays Affirmation:


I am oversensitive and over emotional person, but that makes me feel the smallest of small wonders of life. I could sense a mothers (my friend) aching heart when she was leaving her baby for the first time in a day care, I can sense a friends plea for help with a homework even if he/she never tells me he/she needs help. I could sense my dads loneliness after he retired and without him asking me I reached out to him so he won't feel lonely.


I love myself, because I am unique.

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Similar to this I sat down today and made a list of things I want to accomplish in the near and not so near future. I started with little things like "Clean out my car" and ended it with huge life changing events. I don't want to put the list or details here, it's personal. But they're all things I intend on doing no matter how my romantic life works out. I've been so caught up in thinking about my ex and where that was headed, if anywhere. This list is full of things I want to do that will positively affect my life. If my romantic life goes how I hope it will, I will be a better person for that relationship. If it goes a different way than I hope, at least I will have accomplished some things for me and be in a better place than I am right now.


So I would suggest that do people too. Make a list of goals for your life. Start small. What do you want to get done this week? Next week? In a month? 6 months? A year? In life? That's how I made mine. A lot ended up being longer term goals but there are things I can start doing now that would put me on the path. It's relieving to see what you want actually right there written down. And I feel like one at a time I can handle these things.

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My affirmation:


I am smart, kind, and pretty darn funny. I have the motivation to be successful, I enrolled in summer semester, I just got the job opportunity I've been waiting for, one of my idol's left me a photo comment this week and I feel like I will get through this no matter what. I know I will.

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