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How to revert back to being friends

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Hi! First post here.

Since this topic is titled "obvious crush" i would like to know your opinion on someting, it´s about a girl. Here´s the story, some time ago a girl started talking to me and making little games that girls used to do, and she continued doing so until i asked her to come to the prom with me as friends. The thing is she stopped talking to me, she doesn´t even looks at me anymore, when i am with a friend and she wants to adress us she only looks at my mate, in spite of speaking in the plural, also she talks and looks at other guys more than she look at me. So basically my question is what is happening with her and how do i revert that. I only see her as a friend i think, however i would like her to be the old her, if you understand me.

Once you are more mature people than my friends i would to know your opinion about that, if you don´t mind.

Sorry for the english, i´m not a native speaker.

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