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getting frustated

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so i have a health issue with my prostate. it's not getting better, it's been going on for 7 months. first it was misdiagnosed. second doctor has given me two antiobiotic treatments. it's gotten better, but neither has cured it.


now i'm out of the realm of regular medicine and taking an herbal preparation. it's really frustrating. i'm not supposed to drink alcohol/caffeine or eat spicy foods.


furthermore, i think as a result, i barely poop anymore. i went from being regular like a metronome to being lucky to squeeze out a tiny BM once a day.


i think it's affecting my weight loss goals, with water retention and all that jazz. that frustrates the hell out of me too.


i eat incredibly healthily, i count my calories, i keep good macros, i lift in the gym, etc., and for the last month i've plateaued.


i switched things up last week, got a great result, but it seems like this week i've taken a step back. i don't know if it's a coincidence that i was finally regular last week and that this week i've barely pooped.


finally, all i do is work and commute. i'm going to law school in two months and i can't wait. i don't live a life right now.


i can't even go out and try and have sex with some random girl because of my health issues and accompanying lack of sexual confidence since my balls hurt throughout the day. the last time i had sex they hurt when i tried intercouse and i kept losing my erection. now it's so firmly in my head that i wouldn't want to have sex with somebody i wasn't completely comfortable with.



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It sounds like it's time for a third opinion, or at least to return to the second doctor. It's their job to properly diagnose you, and to continue to treat you until either you've been cured, or all options have been exhausted and you know that your condition is chronic and untreatable. Hopefully the former.


I'm certainly not discouraging you from a healthy lifestyle, or herbal remedies, but I would observe that in the case of true prostate disease, neither or likely to make much difference at all, so it's not really surprising that you're not seeing better results. Healthy eating is at predominantly preventative, not curative; that's what medication or surgery is for.


Has the problem been fully and properly diagnosed yet? It doesn't sound like it. For one thing, I'm struggling to see a link between a prostate problem and a significant decrease in bowel activity. I'd suggest returning to a normal diet for now, and monitoring that activity. If it doesn't return to normal, go back to the doctor and report that as an important symptom which could lead to a revision of the diagnosis.

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it's "prostatitis" which covers a nebulous sub set of issues with the prostate.


my prostate was inflammed, with several accompanying symptoms. my doctor has noticed all of said symptoms abate, aside from the pain in my testicles. the herbal preparation is known to get rid of the pain.


and constipation is commonly associated with prostatitis.


basically, i'm not too happy right now. which is unfortunate, because i'm awesome.

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