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With a touch to my skin,

I feel it,

It pulses through my body,

Underneath my bones,

Those words in my ear make me fall apart,

Why can't I smile?

or just push this embarrassment from the corner of my eyes,

I'm in a box,

with no escape from her eyes,

She knows what I can't say but still pushes me to be her angel,

I can't please you or give you what you want,

I can't love who you need me to love,

These doors are closed with a padded lock and chain,

I'm screaming for the person underneath my skin to be out,

wanting to be free I scratch the doors till my fingers bleed,

I don't want to be stuck here,

I don't want to be held back,

If you touch me,

If you just felt it,

You'd know that underneath my skin,

I'm only human.

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