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dominant vs submissive


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You know Juxtapoz, it might work best if you "act" a bit more submissive. Make up some stories of you being a poor thing. When I try that the man gets more aggresive, works well.


that's a tough one. i tried that too, last night. didn't tell a story but i wanted him to be the one to initiate things and so i was less pro-active...so it was like two submissive people having sex, vanilla as folk. zzzZZZzzz


i've been stressed out about a lot of things lately, and i know exactly what i need for a temporary fix...i just wish he'd hurry up and hand it over.

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Maaayyybe...if you keep at it he will get bored and then he'll become creative. Particularly if you seem a little uninterested in sex for 4-5 days. The catch with this is for you to be super busy so you don't build up resentment. Aaaah..I feel your pain sista!

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That's not enough for people who aren't into it. You don't have to have a big discussion about it. One day just get him horny, and tell him to throw you onto a bed, hold you down, and take you (in a sexy way). He'll eventually start doing it on his own.

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