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got a msg from his friend?whats wrong with him

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today my ex who dumped me, sent a message to his friend to say it to me. he dumped me last dec.24 and since then weve got no communication at all, he tried talking to me last jan.28 and since then we never talk.


ive been depressed those times and i never stop crying until now. im still hurt for what he did and everything. weve been together for 1yr and a half. we lived together, i got pregnant and got miscarriage with him. we were each other first love, first in everything. we did all the happiness together. now he dumped me 5months ago, and sent me all the hospital bills when i got miscarriage. now im stuck with the pain and with the bills.


and then this day i got a msg that he sent through his friend, heres what they talked about:


RAUL is my ex name and ME is his friend.:



hey can u do me a fav

before i go...




can you send kristina a personal message..?


sure, what you want me to say


tell her,, that i am very happy to know that she is trying to move on, i still care for her more then she can imagine... and hope that some day she can find it in her heart, to for give me... i never meant things the way they came to be...

but be clear to her that im not telling her all this to impress her...

just being honest...


i miss that lil philipina girl


she may have been crazy

but she was my crazy girl...


u want her back?


she wouldnt give me a chance

i * * * * ed things up

but i think i did the best for us both... it killed me to tell her the things i said to her


i know, il make sure she gets that

u should talk to her tho


but i had to... other wise she would have tried to come back... and i didnt want her to mess up her relationship more with

her mom



your right

well make sure you let her know...

i have to go


k c ya




Now thats the message, i dont know what to think really.ive been starting to live my life right now and just focus on work and work and studying abroad. now hes like doing this?what is wrong with him!i dont know why is he doing this! im totally depressed right now.i just wanna get out of this country and live somewhere else alonE!!

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First of all, I'm sorry about your miscarriage.


It's awful what he did and it's awful how he is behaving. He doesn't want to apologise and he is still very confused about what went wrong and how much he hurt you.


It gives me the impression that he truly believes he had to hurt you (abuse you?) and be a complete jerk for your own good...


Don't say anything to his friend about it, act like it never happened. Your ex just probably wants to feel better, as in, try to convince himself that he's not the awful human being he knows he is.


You went there to study, to do things you had probably planned for very long, don't give all of that up for this man. You deserve to be happy, and you are going to have to be very patient because recovering from the loss of your baby will take some time.


Hang in there, keep being strong, it gets better.

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