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My Ex Might Want me Back. How do I tell him No without sounding Mean?

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Okay so, my ex is somebody who I can never see myself being happy with. He is 20 and I am 24. We got together about 9 months ago and had a very short relationship.


I did enjoy the time we shared, exploring forests, and cuddling (lol) but he was always quick to say "That's it I'm done, we are over!". He would say it whenever he got tempered over things that were so small. Like, there was this one time, I went to his work with him, because he wanted me too, and I helped him paint a house. It was great fun, but on the car drive home he got angry because I got "too close" to his manager....*rolls eyes*.


He got jealous, that his manager gave me a beer and he broke up with me on the spot. At first I used to cry and get really upset and heartbroken whenever he did this. I used to feel like he was my one and only...I would try and offer a hug...but he wouldn't let me. I once drew him a picture (which he still has) and even that didn't calm him down. I tried talking to him...logically, and he would talk really fast as if in a rage.


Basically we were never officially together for more than a week at a time. He would then say sorry and beg for me to come back. I always did.


Now it's been 9 months since that time. 5 months ago he wanted to get back together with me and it lasted 2 days and then he got terribly angry at me because he thought I cheated on him...within that 2 day time span. After that I had had enough, and lost all feelings, respect, and love for him for coming up with so much random nonsense all the time. It was the first time I didn't cry ...I just said "Alright ...goodbye then if that's what you want. I don't make you happy. This must be the 20th time you dumped me...instead of just talking about the problems or figuring things out."


There never is a problem. He makes them up in his head it seems...


Today, he emailed me pretending he had multiple personality disorder, and he forgot what happened with all the times he ditched me....and said he forgot who I was. He went by a different name...but claimed he was my ex like he thought he was two different people..but I could tell it was him. I acted nice to him...and whatnot like I always do. =( He then phoned me...and I didn't pick up. I'm not sure it's his phone number but it looks awfully familliar.


So...I definitely don't want to get back with him. I cried to many tears and went through too many heartbreaks with him. There is nothing left for him to break. I know he really is sorry for what he did...and how he behaved. He sent me pictures of the picture I drew him....but it's not enough. I can't commit into a relationship where the foundation is so weak. It was such a miserable hopeless time..and I don't want to relive it.


How do I say no without sounding like a creep. Or without blaming him ...but being honest at the same time?

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