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contacted girl online in a city im moving to


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so on okcupid i messaged a girl who lives in a city i'm moving to in 2 months.


we've sent a couple good messages back in forth and she seems pretty cool; i would definitely ask her out if it normally.


that being said, i'm two months away from being in town, so i don't know how to play it. i messaged her this saying as much, but any ideas/thoughts would be welcome.

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text every now and then....

stay in touch...but don't go overboard...Do not do facebook, long calls, myspace...etc...

just text or short calls to stay in touch.


my rule #1 with contact - Contact her ONCE a DAY (NO MORE!!!): send one text a day...whenever the conversation ends...that's it....if she gets back in contact...I will...but I won't initiate any more than once a day...


if you call her...no texting her....it's one contact by you ...

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i wouldnt keep in too much touch with her. I would let her know that you are moving and that you will get in touch when you are actually in town. 2 months is too long of a buildup. You will get emotionally involved. I'd maybe contact her a few weeks before you move and let her know when you will be around and see if she still wants to meet up.

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yea, just unsure of how to broach it.


we've sent about 3 pretty decent sized e-mails each of the last 3 days.


wondering if it'd be awkward if i said, "listen, i think it'd be better if we spaced out our communications until i get down there"

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