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Is it possible to train a pit bull to be around other animals?


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I lost my cat a little over a year ago and I've been wanting to adopt another cat. But, it's been put off because of a situation that happened to my cat by bf's dog. I didn't want to bring a cat into the same situation again unless he would be able to get training.


I was wondering is it possible to give a 4 yr pit bull training to be around small pets? He seems to be ok aroung other dogs that are his size but, it's like the smaller animals it would be really scary. This dog isn't fixed and I don't know if him not being fixed is the cause of him becoming overly dominate and excited.


Is possible to get this dog trained to be around cats? I would just like to be able to have a cat and a dog in the same room without one trying to go after it and attack it.

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I doubt it. It sounds like the dog has a high prey drive to begin with and was not properly trained around small animals when s/he was young.


At 4 years old, I'd say the dog should not be around cats. Don't bring a cat into that situation since if it happened once, it most likely will happen again.

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That's what makes it hard because I wish that he would have had more training then what he's had. It's a bit diffcult for me because I am wanting a cat more then anything and it's like saying I can't have a cat because of your dog. IDK I guess I can say that I have completely gotten over what he did to my cat. I was just hoping for the possible training that can be provided for this dog.

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If I recall, your cat and the dog were together in the backyard and the dog killed the cat. I remember you saying it was accidental because the dog just wanted to play with her, but I think neither you nor your boyfriend saw it happen, so it could also have been "intentional".


I don't think there's any amount of training you could give the dog that would make you feel safe leaving your cat unattended around him. It only takes about 5 seconds for a dog to kill a cat - so no matter how nice he was to her most of the time, it would really only take one bad moment. Given that he seems to be somewhat aggressive around other pets already, I think this is a terrible idea. Dogs usually have to be socialized to be around cats when they are still puppies. I think it would not be responsible to get a cat and have him around that dog.


I imagine fixing him could only help - but can you really imagine getting to the point where you'd feel 100% safe leaving your cat around that dog knowing what has happened in the past? I don't think I could.

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It's a bit diffcult for me because I am wanting a cat more then anything and it's like saying I can't have a cat because of your dog.


Well, that's exactly what it is.


I'm sorry that you miss having a kitty, but training is not going to be enough to ensure safety with a dog that is 4 years old, neutered or not.


You sound like you'd be a good owner to a cat, but given your current circumstances, it would be a death sentence to bring another cat into the house with that dog.

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Honestly if I had a pet that was killed by my boyfriend's I can't say I would want to be around that dog anymore. If this pitbull is aggressive in any other situations it is the owner's responsibility to ensure their dog is safe to the public or to keep the dog strictly private. So, if there are any other issues with aggression I do think the dog should be fixed.


This isn't just about pitbulls either (although they can do more damage than some other breeds). We had these neighbors who had no fence and whenever I would walk my dog their two large black dogs would come out on the street and try to attack my dog. They eventually hurt my mom and bit my dog. I really became afraid of these dogs and found the only thing to get them to stop was for me to scream very loudly. The owner's excuse was that we just should walk there. (less than a mile from my house)


Sorry that is OT but I feel that dogs are wonderful animals but can also be managed incorrectly by trainers who treat the dogs as a human living in a human world. They are still dogs and need to be trained for our world. It is just reality.


If there are deep issues with this dog then you need to get him in a training course both for the owner and the dog.

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My friend has a Siberian, huge dog, but the sweetest and most gentle dog to anyone

including children. She's never aggressive with any humans basically.


BUT she does not like small dogs and makes any dog submissive towards her. She strangled a small chihuahua size dog one time after repeatedly warning the owner in distance to get the dog (who didn't have a leash) inside when they were out for a walk. The little dog started to bark and nip at her legs. That was the end of it.


Pits and Rotties are generally sweet dogs. It's the irresponsible owners that make them aggressive and make bad names for them. I don't know about introducing a cat into the picture though.

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I had a beautiful brindle pit bull years ago. She was spayed, as we got her as a pet, not to breed. She loved people and was such a snuggler. She loved to play with other BIG dogs. But she was a small animal killer. No matter what we did, or how we trained her, it was a strong hunt and kill instinct that never left her. She learned to climb trees after squirrels and you'd think that a squirrel would be impossible for a dog to catch, but not for Brindee. She caught several of them. Cats, racoons, small dogs, they all prompted this instinctive behavior in her. And if the small animal ran from her, then it was on. It took an act of god to hold her back.



It is a death sentence to any small animal put in a house with your bf's dog. Brindee actually hit a moving car, bounced off, rolled over and kept up the chase after a squirrel. They are relentless.

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Any breed of dog can have a high prey drive, and it's just impossible to tell if the dog would perceive a new cat as prey or if the killing truly was an accident without putting another cat in danger.


I vote against getting any new pets.


And you should definitely get the dog some training and have him neutered. There is really no excuse not to neuter.


If your boyfriend is worried about "appearances" or whatever then he can look into neuticles or a similar thing. It never ceases to amaze me how people (guys especially) project themselves onto their dog. I don't feel like less of a woman because my dog is spayed!


Anyway, that was a bit off topic. I vote training and neutering. A pit bull is a very powerful dog and while some of the sweetest dogs I know are pits, they can be quite dangerous and destructive if they are not properly trained and handled correctly.

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I don't believe a dog kills by accident. That would be assuming a dog knows right from wrong. They just have instincts, that's it. There is no trusting an animal.


In a way I agree with this. But I also include humans as animals and I truly believe that when instinct takes over, no matter what the situation, no matter what the animal, instinct rules. We are all animals and we are all instinctual by nature. that's how we stay alive. That's how we procreate.


Some breeds are more aggressive than others. Some dogs, regardless of breed, have a strong kill instinct. Some are more sensitive to fear and fear triggers the kill instinct.


I think that relationships can be built between humans, between dogs, between dogs and humans. But we have to remember that dogs are not humans and humans are not dogs. There has to be boundaries. And even though I love pit bulls, rotties and especially german shepards and akitas, I would have a hard time trusting even my most beloved dog around my son. I know that with neutering and training, some of the instinct can be controlled. But it cannot be wiped out.


So, I think that that OP should not get her kitty until she can provide a safe home for it.

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I would put NO living creature in a room with a pit...EVER!


How would you live with the guilt if you allowed this to happen twice??


Oh good god, really? My 7 year old nephew has been raised around my pit bulls..plays with them while they're eating, sleeps with them, etc..not to get off topic but that's probably one of the most ridiculous statements i've ever seen. Please do some research, any dog can be aggressive..not just pit bulls.


OP, unless you could guarantee that the cat + pit would stay seperated..I wouldn't risk it. Seven of my eight dogs get a long with cats..the one that doesn't like them, wasn't raised with them...all of my other dogs have been. If they've done it once, they'll do it again. Fixing him could possibly help but it just depends on the animal. We just recently fixed the dog that doesn't get along with cats..and well..he still doesn't get along with cats..haha. Oh and..this is gonna be a huge shock to everyone..but he isn't a pit bull.

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lol...I was just thinking that my neighbor's pom, who weighs 3.5 pounds chases and tries to attack my cats. Oh and she is aggressive toward my son. Pom's are usually sweet and lovey dall babies. And Parker Posey (her name) is the sweetest dog ever. But she hates my cats and tries to attack when ever she can. The funny thing is that she's 3.5 pounds and my boys are 16 and 17 pounds. And my cats STILL run from her!!!!

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