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Saw Her...

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Just saw my ex for the first time in 2 months ouside on the patio at work..think she may have saw me, not sure??..my heart almost jumped into my mouth! still beating at 100miles an hr now..Think I stayed composed though! didn't stare at her, kept chatting to my mate normally (I think) didn't look as if I registered her in any way (hopefully)

Damn that woman and her witchy witchy ways!!


My mate did mention though that he'd run into her at work last week, he said that she was over elaborating about how how great her life is? (thought she needed to calm down a bit lol) kinda weird she's having a full blown conversation with my mate, she didn't really want to talk to any of them at work before?? thought they were all two faced and didn't trust them!! hmmm what do we reckon to that then???


AND my bag with her shoes is STILL under her desk at work!!! almost 2.5months she's had that bag lol!! why cant she take them home so I can get my bag back??

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yeah it is a bit frustrating!!

frustrating because she's doing the "My life is soooo cool now..." garbage with my mates, knowing full well that something will be mentioned to me, I did it first month after she dumped me with her mates, the whole " Yeah I'm doing this, this and this...and blah blah and blah, life is great" hoping it would get back to her, when in actual fact I was sitting in the house in tears most nights! ....hmmmm maybe life just isn't so grand without me after all eh!


Frustrating that she wanted her shoes/pj's/clothes back so badly that I travelled in with the bag (and my own work stuff)on a night shift, put it on her desk for her and she can't even be bothered to take it home, empty it and give me back my bag! oh and give me back some photo's that I've asked for...only been waiting on those 3 months!


Frustrating that I'm still in love with that woman, she still makes my heart miss a beat...still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen...still miss her like mad..


Love eh!! it's mental!!

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