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Did I Do The Right Thing?

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I text my friend and told him that I no longer wanted to socialize with him anymore but I didn't give him the real reason why. I just said that I think it's best that we go our separate ways and I haven't called him in over 2 months and he hasn't called me. Well the real reason is because he has a wife and I have a husband and that totally upsets me because I'm attracted to him but we are all friends and i don't want to stir up trouble for either one of our families. I feel guilty about just hanging him out to dry but it was getting too difficult for me to control my feelings for him and I know he was attracted to me too because he mentioned one time that if neither one of us were married to other people and he had met me before he met his wife, then he would have married me. That just made things worse because I felt that connection between us but I feel that if I can't have all of him then I want no part of him so I just quit calling or texting him all together without giving a valid reason why. We go to the same religious assembly but even there I don't speak to him and barely even look his way. I think he suspects that I broke our line of communication because I'm attracted to him and can't be with him but he doesn't have the absolutes so I'm just leaving it alone. Am I right or should I explain to him why I don't want him in my life anymore?

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