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I just don't get it


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Last week my bf stopped talking to me because I had really been nagging about him going out and my insecurities started to resurfaced along with him dealing with some personal issues. I guess with everything he just needed some space to think things through.


I left him alone and he called last friday while I was busy. It was a short conversation, but it sounded very promising. He never called me back during the weekend. Texted me some random nonsense yesterday to which I replied too. Then that was that.


This morning i called him and he didn't answer nor replied back. I guess i just sense that he wants out so I sent him a text....


"I understand that this (us) isn't in your plans for the future and I accept that. I will always care about and wish you the best. Love always, me"


Finally hours later he replied with a "and you're giving me the dog?" it has been a running joke with us about the dog. He always jokes about stealing my dog. I just don't know how to even feel about this. My heart is hurting and I send that message to him and that was his response? What kind of response is that?


A couple of hours after that he texted "so that's a no?" then he wrote a few minutes after that "I'll throw in a dollar"


What do you think he's doing and how do I respond or react to this? Thanks in advance.

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Sounds to me like he's not taking things very seriously - more importantly, not taking you very seriously. He's either purposely or mindlessly acting nonchalant and insensitive - either way it's bad.


I would think he's fully happy being out of the relationship - and what I would do if I were you is say something to the effect of "Babe, I need you to at least give me a time frame of when you'll make a decision to either come back or leave for good. If you can't accept that, then you're going to have to give me an answer now - I refuse to be dragged along aimlessly without even a promise of when you'll let me know, I have much more respect for myself than that. So please babe, I love you but if you want to go I accept that - just don't keep my feelings perpetually hanging in the balance. If you don't give me a reasonable time frame, I'll make one. Although I love you so much, my life does not depend on you, so make up your mind."

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DN: I dont want to end things. Should I replied back or should I wait for him to reach out to me and address my feelings?

What do you mean by him 'addressing your feelings"? What do you want him to say?

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What do you mean by him 'addressing your feelings"? What do you want him to say?


It upsets me enough to send that message. I guess Im wishing that he would acknowledged the message by saying that he doesn't want me to feel that we have part ways rather then making light of the situation. Maybe I'm asking for too much and should accept those replies as good.

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so, he calls you and you talk, but then you don't call him during the weekend. then he initiates again by texting you.


then you call, and he doesn't respond immediately, so you send him some completely over-the-top dramatic stuff?



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