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I have met this wonderful, intelligent, educated woman in a a friend`s party. She`s built like a model . At the first sight, I have concluded that she would be mine ( I never consider any woman to be out of my league at all).


We exchanged emails and met on several occasions. All our discusions were based on our past lives and ..etc.


Last Tuesday, i got an email from her inviting me for a coffee before going to the usual friend`s gathering - She was dressed differenlty and was gorgeous !! we mainly talked about random things about our jobs. When we walked in the coffee shop - everybody looked at us - and the waitress asked my female friend whether she was an actress !


The thing that really made me confused was that her best female friend was waiting her at the friend`s gathering and she wasn`t aware of our special meeting !!!

Back to the coffee shop, I confessed to my female friend that Ilked her and she asked me `What do you mean ? and I said `I like you as person ..... and there was a weird silence!!. I only wanted her to know that I was interested in her without freaking her out !! Believe me all the signs were there ( while we were sitting, facing each other. our legs were touching each other).


Do you girls think that she has understood my message?

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To me, I like you as a person can be a bit mixed. It could mean friend, it could mean more. Be straightforward and tell her you like her more than a friend and ask her on a date. The weird silence is most likely because you basically told her you had a crush on her...so now what? Did you want her to respond back? Did you want her to say thank you? Which is why it's easier to ask her on a date, or at least drinks after work with just the two of you so she has something to respond with. Some people don't know how to respond to confessions. Don't feel too bad.

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