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Wanting to Date a friend?


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Is it a good idea to express intrest in / Date a long-time (and close) friend? Pros/Cons? What are changes of being shot down? And, is it worth loosing the friend (if something or the other goes wrong)?



Any thoughts/experiences/tips?


Thanks for the help ENA.


(P.S. I am friends with a girl and we are close and even have supported eachother in our past relationships/breakups/bad experiences/and other things in the past. But lately, I am finding myself very attracted to her and I know we share an outstanding chemistry/comfort level)

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I tried to date a close friend.. got shot down kind of ticked me off... made the friendship awkward for a bit.. eventually got over it stayed friends. Later on we ended up getting together and it was the best relationship i ever had. Tho it's over now haha.


But yea life's too short go for it. I mean if you like someone might as well throw it out there or else it will eat ya up inside. Just don't take it out on her if she doesn't feel the same way... after all you are unsure about this yourself if your asking. Could be awkward for her.

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Yes. You are correct that life is too short and if I think then I should go for it ( and also be ready to be turne down).


I think friendship can be a great foundation for long term relationships but there is always a fear that the other person may not be interested in you.


I will write my specific situation (about this one particular friend) in detail in a different post.

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