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"Happy Bday": to text or not to text?


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My gf broke up with me in January and we've been NC for about 2 months now. My bday was in the end of March and I didn't hear anything from her. Her bday is coming up in the end of May.


Is it okay to text her a simple "happy bday" message on her bday? I realize she didn't do that for my bday, but would texting her, effectively breaking about 2 months of NC, show that I am still a good guy, that I still think about her?


Yes, it would be nice if we got back together, but after 2 months of NC, I feel like I could live on without her.

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No..she lost that priveledge when she dumped you. Furthermore, don't concern yourself with how she sees you. She hasn't attempted to contact you so forget her and move on.


This says it all.


If you want to contact her, contact her simply because you want to say happy birthday. Dont expect anything, dont want anything, dont worry about how she sees you, etc etc. I think once you take all that into consideration you will probably realize that there is no real reason for you to wish her a happy birthday and will think twice about doing it.


I am not going to say definitely dont. But if you do, make sure its simply because you want to from your end, and that there is no other motive.

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