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Adopting a cat...insights?


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Hi Everyone --


I am planning to adopt a cat (preferably a kitten, but I would be willing to adopt an adult if I find one that chooses me ) and I was wondering about your experiences with this. I was planning to go to my local SPCA, where I got my previous cat. I had no problems adopting her back in 1994, but I have heard horror stories about how strict shelters have become with prospective pet owners (It's been 15 years since I last adopted), and I wanted to see if anyone had some experiences, insights, tips to share.


My main concern is that they won't let me adopt because I don't live in a house, and I live in a fairly large city on a busy street. I don't believe in having *outdoor* cats,though, and when I adopted my last cat they asked me if I planned to keep her inside, and I responded "yes," which was apparently the answer they wanted to hear. My apartment is fairly large, with lots of places to climb and sleep, plenty of room for separate rooms for litter box, bed, and food.


Otherwise, I THINK I am a good candidate: I make a decent salary; though I am not rich, I was able to pay for very expensive medical treatments for my last cat. There are no kids or other people living with me, and no other pets. At this time, I don't plan to adopt any other pets. I have owned cats my whole life (had my first cat at 5) and all of my cats have lived long healthy lives -- 18, 15, and nearly 19 years, and I am very familiar with the dietary needs of cats, their activity/play needs, the level of attention they need, etc. I do go on vacation a couple times a year, but I have neighbors and friends who would gladly take care of a cat while I'm gone, and I am a homebody-type who would spend a lot of time with the cat.


I guess my most important characteristic is that I LOVE cats -- absolutely adore them -- and I have tons of love to give. After my beautiful kitty finally succumbed to cancer last year, I was heartbroken but knew I had to give myself time to grieve before getting another pet. I am ready and would love to give that love to a new furry friend.


So...anyone who has adopted a kitty recently, what have been your experiences? I am thinking specifically of the SPCA, but I would consider a rescue also. I know that rescues and shelters vary in terms of requirements, but I was hoping for some tips and different peoples' experiences to give me some idea as to what to expect, what kinds of things they look for, etc.




EDITED TO ADD: I would just call my local shelter and ask questions, but I'm out of the country right now and can't call them and was hoping to get some ideas before I contact them anyway.

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I think you sound like a great candidate to be a cat owner, and I think your concerns are unfounded! When I adopted my 2 cats, I was living with 2 roommates in an apartment on a very busy street in a very big city. In the city, they WANT the cats to be indoor cats, especially due to the overpopulation issue. The cat-only shelter that I went to required that we spay/neuter the cats, as well as sign an agreement to never declaw them. That was the weirdest requirement, but one we completely understood and felt comfortable with.


I think as long as you demonstrate that you know how to take care of a cat and will love it, you're golden.

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I am an adoptions counselor at a cat shelter. The shelters look for someone who is going to 1.) keep the cat inside and 2.) not declaw if they have their claws. And we look for decent people who understand the commitment cat adoption is.


Its kitten season right now, so you'll have no problem finding one. Kittens are a lot of work, be ready to kitten proof. I also recommend adopting kittens in pairs so they aren't so lonely or desperate to play when you're not around.

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I worked part time as an adoptions counsellor at my citys Humane Society and I think you sould like a great candidate.


Generally we try to let everyone adopt unless there are some SERIOUS red flags..


Plus it is that time of year where you will have your pick of the litter so to speak. I adopted my cat about 18 months ago when she was 4 months old. Her personality has stayed pretty much the same so no surpises there. I love her =) Good luck

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Thanks, everyone, for your insights. I feel a little better now.


The only concern I have is my landlord. I paid a pet deposit when I moved in, so he has my money, but the cat I paid the deposit on died last year. I didn't tell him she died (I don't talk to him a lot), so he doesn't know. I was thinking of getting another one and just not saying anything because I did already pay the deposit, and my previous cat did not damage anything. I know for awhile he had stopped allowing cats, but recently I saw that one of my neighbors has one. I guess I will need to check with him to see if he will allow me to get another one, sitting right in her window, so I am assuming he allowed it. I don't know what I'll do if he says "no." I may offer to pay more of a deposit to add to the one I already paid and see what he says.


Thanks, everyone, and if anyone thinks of anything else, please let me know.

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Personally, I would go ahead and talk to your landlord before getting a new cat. It's heartbreaking to see all the cats up for adoption because the landlord said "no".


I mean, if you've been a good tenet, your cat has not been destructive, and you've already paid a pet deposit and you no longer have a pet, IMO you're entitled to either a pet or a refund.


I bet if he says no and you ask for a partial refund since you no longer have a pet he'll be singing a different tune.


You can always sneak a cat in and the landlord would probably never know, but I'd personally not risk it.

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