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tips for keeping NC this weekend (staying at same house) - plz help

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Hey all,


I am going away this weekend with a big group of friends and my ex will be there all weekend as well. I am good at keeping NC when I am not faced with having to see him. Last night we were out and I ended up talking to my ex for quite a bit and even telling him I missed him (I regret saying that).


We've been broken up for about 6 weeks. He broke up with me to go back to his ex from 2 years ago.


I know I have to find the strength within myself to not speak to him or allow him to hug me/touch my arm, etc., but I feel really weak.


Please someone give me some confidence in my ability to have a great weekend with friends while putting him on the periphery!

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The definition of NC is 'no contact'. By definition, if you are staying in the same house and hanging out this weekend you cannot maintain NC. Seeing him is a form of contact...


Since you are 'stuck' seeing him, I wouldn't avoid him or anything at this point. That's just useless. The best you can do is try to be cordial (but not overly friendly).


Don't go out of your way to talk to him but if he talks to you, speak.

Don't talk about your relationship and if the subject comes up, walk away.

Keep all conversations with him short and to the point (but not rude).

Pick a 'buddy' (guy or girl) and focus on them.


The only way to really go NC in this situation is for you not to go...

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I agree with the above poster 100%. also, don't make it awkward for your friends by bringing your relationship issues there (for example starting an argument, complaining to your friends the entire time, or very obviously ignoring him)

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