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Reaching Breaking Point

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So I posted on here awhile ago about an ex making abusive comments about me and ranting all the time about how I was horrible to her and she shouldn't have put up with me, shouldn't have been made to feel bad about herself etc...


I left her to it for as long as my patience permit, but it got to the point where it really started bothering me, mainly due to a close friend getting very upset at one of the lewd comments made about me and my family. So, I added her on Messenger to talk about it and try to clear the air between us. She accepted and I was ready to talk to her, when someone informed me that she'd posted a message about me on a social networking site. It was basically a long rant of her and her friends defaming me in several different ways and making threats, due to the fact that I'd added her on Messenger, at which point I promptly blocked and deleted her.


In regards to the messages, I asked to look at her profile on the social networking site to see this comment about me (as she's blocked me.) Needless to say, it was full of rants (months from what I could see, maybe longer!) What really concerns me is that it's interspersed with comments about being depressed, then being unbelievably happy and song lyrics of the same variance. A lot of the songs were love songs, heartbroken songs and songs that we both agreed reminded us of each other. From what I've seen, she's getting progressively more erratic and definitely more abusive.


Up until this point I haven't been angry, but I am close reaching breaking point. I don't want my friends to deal with it as I fear it may result in a violent altercation. I just wish she'd stop with the abuse and I don't know how to make her stop. Trying to contact her seemed to infuriate her further and from what I can establish, she's clearly not over me. I'm seeing a lovely young lady who I'm very fond of and I'd love to take the relationship to the next level. I just can't with all this stress and the worry of ramifications. If I do push the relationship on is the ex likely to hurt her for getting close to me? Will it turn abusive comments to my friends and on the Internet into real, physical actions? It's fine if she does something to me, I'm big enough and ugly enough to handle myself, but what if she lashes out at a family member, my girlfriend or one of our mutual friends? I'd feel so guilty and I'm not sure I could live with that. It'd tear me up inside, knowing that I'd caused her to hurt someone close to me.


I'd really appreciate some advice on what I could do to resolve or calm the situation so that I can live my life and be happy again.

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It seriously sounds like she is looking for attention of any kind and yes she sounds angry but I don't know her so I have no idea if she could actually turn violent in a physical way.


So, I think you should contact that network's site about the harassment issue, at least that way she'll be aware that what she's doing is illegal and dangerous.


Next you MUST ignore her, you shouldn't (SHOULDN'T) try to talk to her again, don't use any of your friends either, simply pretend she's not in this world, and if things get ugly you call the police, not her.


Print what you have of the insults, report her as I suggested, and then forget about it. Block her or even create a new account, don't let any of your contacts give her access to your new info and explain to your friends and family that this situation is serious and they shouldn't try to confront her directly about anything.


Be careful, but don't keep treating her like she's relevant or has to give you permission to go on with your life, if she feels she has power she will keep using it.

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