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How can I get over this?


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All I really want is happiness. I've already conquered happiness being alone but I want to know what it's like with a man. I am realizing about myself though that my perferct man doesn't exist (or it may take me loong to find him) but I have met someone currently (and maybe 1 in the past) who have most of the qualities I look for.


I'm scared to date becuase I'm scared that I may not be able to handle my significant other's imperfections. I am learning just now that relationshipos are hard becuase of this, not easy like in my head. But hopefully with the right guy it will be worth it.


How can I get over my fear of the imperfect? The imperfect in him, in me and around us, becuase even though we are a couple our lives still must involve others.

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In my experience, it's only when you can see the good and bad, the dark and the light, the best and the worst of yourself, that you can accept and love someone else with their good and bad, dark and light, best and worst.

Best wishes...enjoy the journey!

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Sparx, people will always have flaws.


Granted, you don't want to be with someone that have commitment issues, is a compulsive liar, is unfaithful, etc. But if they are little quirks than it's something as a couple you learn to accept, learn from another and if anything embrace the difference.


The happy couples are the ones that are constantly improving on the relationship and overcome any obstacles they may face. In a long term sense it's what really matters. Or else even a little quirk or something you'd see as a flaw could become a huge problem quickly.

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